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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cocktail Sunset Sailing Cruise - New York

New York City is as exciting, glamorous and absolutely fabulous as I was anticipating. We jumped at the opportunity to take a luxury sunset cocktail cruise on a beautiful schooner yacht that cruised along the Hudson taking in all that the New York City skyline had to offer and it was simply perfect.

Us girls with New York city in the background

The Shearwater is a beautiful 82ft schooner yacht that is operated by Manhattan by Sail, departing from Lower Manhattan's North Cove Marina. This provides both visitors and locals alike the chance to experience a intimate, relaxing cruise that allows you the perfect opportunity to relax and take in the breathtaking New York City skyline whilst sailing along the Hudson. 

sailing boat in the harbour in New York
us in front fancy yacht in New York
The sun setting on New York city skyline

The boat comfortably accommodates up to 48 passengers, however on our beautiful clear night in New York we were lucky enough to have only 12 fellow passengers which provided the perfect chance to roam around the boat and explore both above and below the deck! We were lucky enough to take part in the 2 hour sunset cocktail cruise where you are provided with two delicious cocktails and were also also given a number of tastings of whiskey sourced from a local whiskey distillery. 

me and the girls with our cocktails in hand
sunset looking down the deck of our ship

The cruise departs while it is still light, and you witness a beautiful sunset and watch as the city and iconic bridges light up. Manhattan by Sail sums up the experience perfectly on their website: "watch night fall on the city as the sun sets behind the Statue of Liberty from the unbeatable vantage point of the harbour". The Statue of Liberty is especially captivating and you are provided with an incredible close up of this iconic monument and are provided with plentiful opportunities to take stunning photos throughout the cruise.

us with drinks in hand and the sun setting over he city in the background
New York city skyline
New york with grey clouds looming over head
the sun dipping between the buildings in New York
Sun setting between the ocean and grey clouds
new york city from the river
me at sunset in front of the statue of liberty
me on the boat by the statue of liberty

The sunset cocktail cruise aboard the Shearwater was definitely a highlight of our trip to New York City and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Big Apple! The staff were friendly, fun, informative and professional and made it a great experience overall. 

posing up the front of the boat
being silly at the helm of the ship
me posing in front of statue of liberty from the boat

Have you been to NYC? Let us know in the comments below! x

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