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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Girls Color Run Weekend in Sydney

They don't lie. The Colour Run really is the happiest 5k on earth!  The Color Run is only a fairly new concept, originating in the USA in 2012 and is based on the ancient Hindu Festival, Holi. The Color Run has been adapted and turned into a 5k fun run (or walk/jog/crawl/dance/roll etc) that promotes healthiness, happiness, community spirit and participation whilst also supporting a local charity. Now who doesn't love that? My uni pals and I take part in the Sydney Color Run each year because it is fun and mostly because it gives us a chance to have a girls weekend away!

crowd in front of the stage all throwing paint into the air

What I particularly love about the Color Run is welcomes people from all backgrounds, abilities and ages with open arms. Anyone can do it, and should! You start the race in white and by the end you are coated in every colour of the rainbow and get to take part in the exciting Finish Festival, described as the "best post-5k party on the planet!"

and the paint coming down onto the crowd
7 girls at the start of the race in tutus
on the train before the race
4 of us on the train in our bright tutus
lying on our bellies in so much blue paint
rolling around in the blue paint
all of us completely covered in blue
sign pointing towards smurf village
the orange section at colour run
sign saying free spray tan ahead
sign saying pretty in pink pointing towards pink section
the girls in the pink area
Sarah with a completely pink face
rolling around in the pink paint
group picture all multi coloured
all colourful at the finish line
2 of the girls covered in paint
close up picture of liz covered in paint
bec covered in orange
colourful selfie with crowd in the background
simone giving a thumbs up
cloud of red paint above a crowd of people
full team picture after the race
all the colours flying into the air above everyone
paint throw by crowd in front of the stage
all of us in post race ponchos
simone and bec in ponchos
all colourful on the train in ponchos

The time taken in the shower getting clean after the race is definently worth every second. Don't waste a minute and sign up for the funnest 5km and best day of your life! For my fellow Aussies visit here for more info on events, dates and sign ups:

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