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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Palais Amani: A Opulent, Luxurious Palace in Fez

Palais Amani is a luxury oasis located within the walls of the ancient Medina in Fez. Upon arriving you find yourself wandering the narrow, windy walkways of the Medina, unsure if these dark streets will lead you to the opulent palais you reserved online. From the second you reach the beautiful, large wooden door of Palais Amani you can only imagine the stunning location inside these doors. Within seconds of stepping inside Palais Amani you know you have chosen to stay in Fez's best kept secret. Instantaneously you will fall in love with the beautiful tiled floors and pillars, one of the most gorgeous fountains I've ever seen, located centrally in the main courtyard and the magnificent gardens that fill the centre of the palace. Your love story with Palais Amani will continue to grow as you explore the rest of this wonderful Riad.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Riad Noga: A Hidden Gem in Marrakech

Set centrally inside the bustling medina of Marrakesh is the hidden gem that is Riad Noga. From the moment you step foot inside the Riad every single one of your senses will be delighted. The beautiful chirping of the birds who have made the Riads trees their home to the soft sounds of lapping water from the Riads enormous pool, to mouthwatering smells wafting from the Riads kitchen you will fall in love Riad Noga from the very beginning.