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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Santo, Vanuatu

My mermaid pals & I treated ourselves to a P&O South Pacific Cruise for our graduation present to ourselves and stunning Santo was our first stop...

We docked into Santo on New Years Day and with slightly sore heads from the night before jumped in a local taxi bound for the famous Nanda Blue Hole.

The blue hole is breathtaking. 
Located in the middle of the island, surrounded by tropical rainforest and the most stunning colour of blue, we couldn't help ourselves but jump straight in this enchanting lagoon.

After a few hours of paddling around and feeling sufficiently refreshed we headed back for lunch, admiring the rest of the stunning island as we cruised back to the ship...

The girls were much braver than I was and made friends with some of the locals...

We spent the afternoon watching some pretty impressive traditional Vanuatu water dancing!

Drinking from fresh coconuts...

We tried Kava, but weren't really fans...

Watched some more traditional, cultural dancing.

Bec must have seemed the most wife-like material out of the four of us as she was pulled up to join the party...

But we were all happy to get a photo at the end... not sure how happy the guys were though!

Then it was back to the boat for another night at sea before our next Port. We absolutely loved Santo and were sad to leave this tropical paradise, but also excited for what the South Pacific had in store for us next!

Have you ever been on a cruise? 
Tell us all about it in the comments below :) ! x

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