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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki in Surfers Paradise

We spent a week at the Gold Coast on our recent trip to Australia and spent most of the time with our friends and family in the lead up to Sam & Brooke's wedding. After the wedding, Dan and I spent a few days on our own in Surfers Paradise, and whilst we were out searching for a restaurant for dinner one night we came to the realisation that Dan had never, ever eaten any form of Japanese food! We quickly had to change that & found ourselves almost immediately seated at beach front Zushi Suhi & Teppanyaki.

aerial photo of our deep fried ice cream

We were staying in a lovely apartment in the Q1, which is the tallest residential tower in Australia and before dinner we wandered through busy Cavill Avenue and the shops before heading down to the waterfront to watch the sunset and seek out a good restaurant for dinner!

picture of the sea through the surfers paradise sign
surf board memorials at surfers paradise

Having discovered that Dan had never eaten Japanese we were very pleased when we stumbled across Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki. The restaurant was spotless and relaxed with seating inside around two teppanyaki grills and a la carte seating outside looking over the water. There is a busy road which runs next to the seating but there are large glass panels which block the noise but still allow you to enjoy the view of the ocean.

the entrance to Zushi sushi
inside the restaurant
POV picture looking at the menu
lifeguard tower looking over the beach at surfers paradise
me at the table

Dan started off with Salad and Miso Soup whilst we waited for our meals.

our starters of soup and salad

Our sushi arrived!

I had opted for Crumbed Chicken and Avocado Sushi which I really enjoyed.

crumbed chicken and avocado sushi wrapped in rice

Whilst Dan went for Teriyaki Chicken Sushi which was fresh and delicious.

Teriyaki chicken sushi

We both like to think we are professionals at using chopsticks, but both still have a long way to go!

Dan eating the sushi with chop sticks

Simone eating the Sushi with chop sticks

Having had a huge lunch that day we just wanted a light dinner and so decided to share a teriyaki chicken with vegetables and rice. The food was reasonably quick and was all very fresh and full of flavour.

Teriyaki chicken with vegetables
dan tucking into dinner with chop sticks

I had spotted deep fried ice cream on the menu, something we always would have as a treat when we were taken out for Japanese or Chinese as kids. It didn't take a huge amount of convincing to get Dan to share it with me. It was delicious and almost as good as my childhood memories!

low angle picture of deep fried ice cream
aerial photo of the deep fried ice cream

It was a delicious dinner and a good introduction for Dan to Japanese cuisine and we're excited to get a little more adventurous next time. We found Zushi Sushi reasonably priced, the service friendly and fast and found our meals fresh, delicious and full of flavour. We'd certainly recommend them and will return again!

After dessert we strolled back through Cavill Avenue and back to the Q1 to relax in our gorgeous apartment.

Dan in front of surfers paradise sign at night
the main street in surfers paradise
Simone sitting in wire chair

We had a really lovely, relaxed evening strolling around Surfers Paradise and enjoying our Japanese at Zushi Sushi! I was really happy that Dan enjoyed his first ever Japanese and we'll certainly be on the hunt for excellent Japanese Restaurants on our future travels!

Do you have any good Japanese Restaurants to recommend? Please let us know! x

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