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Monday, November 9, 2015

Our Photography Tips to Help you Capture the Perfect Photos this Autumn

Autumn is such a beautiful, vibrant time of the year and is a favourite season for many photographers. I have loved watching the distinct changes in seasons during my time living in England as it is not something I really get back in Australia. Even with winter on the horizon, it is a magical time of the year watching the countryside go through this transition in a blaze of glory! Here are our top tips to capture the perfect photos this Autumn.

Capture the Bigger Picture
Frame your image and then take a few steps back in order to take in your beautiful surroundings and let your background become your canvas.

Frame your Images Au Natural
As the leaves fall off the trees use the sparse branches and the space which is created to frame your images. This gives you a perfect natural frame and a whole new perspective and depth to your photographs.

Utilise the Leaves
You don’t have to always find the perfect shot, sometimes you can create it yourself! Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and make that big mound of leaves you imagined or adjust the way they are lying. You can even get your subject to throw them up into the air above their heads and get a portrait shot of them with the leaves raining down just as Simone is doing here in Paris.

Embrace the Vibrant Colours
The number one thing we all think of when we think Autumn is colourful tree and beautiful orange leaves filling up quaint streets as the trees lose their leaves in preparation for the winter ahead. A little post processing will allow you to just add a slight increase in saturation and really bring out the amazing vibrant colours present in your images.

Make the most of the Light
The light is changing and golden hour is much earlier once the clocks change. You can shoot the same shot during the golden hour that you did in summer but you will notice a warmer feel to the light. The sun moves at a different angle and can really give you some amazing shots. Be sure to make the most of it and head out with the camera at every chance you can!

Imagine that perfect little tree lined street and go there as the leaves are turning or head up high and get an elevated view of a whole woodlands or forest as the shades of orange begin to appear and almost light up in front of you. You will be rewarded with a grander feel of the colours beneath you. Try to envisage the photo you want to take before you leave and then narrow that thought down to somewhere you can think of which you can visit! Planning and forward thought will make a huge difference to your photography.

Use water
Lakes and ponds or even puddles can give prefect reflections that will add real depth to your photographs. Imagine a perfectly still lake with a line of trees covered in vibrant orange leaves on the opposite bank and this breathtaking reflection glistening on the water. Now go out, find it and get that perfect shot!

Avoid flare
Flare in your image will make your colours stand out less and lower the contrast of your shot. Be sure that your gear is perfectly clean and always use your lens hood to keep extra light off the lens. Also consider using a polarizing filter to reduce the flare.

What other tips do you have to make the most of this beautiful time of year? 
We'd love if you'd share any links to your Autumn photography in the comments below for us to see!

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