Summer Camp Diaries: Arriving at Camp Blue Ridge

After a fun few weeks travelling through Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, it was time for Nina and I to go our separate ways and head off to our respective summer camps. We were literally going to opposite sides of America, the furthest we’d been apart since we became best friends in our first year of university. She was going to Oregon and I was bound for Camp Blue Ridge in northern Georgia! I was excited to be spending my summer among the mountains and on the lakefront as a lifeguard, as well as a cabin counsellor for the 13 year old girls cabin!

I explored the camp Jill and Hannah, two lovely American girls from Florida and Kansas, who found out that they were actually in the same sorority, and so were sorority sisters! My college friends and I absolutely LOVED watching the TV show Greek and so I was full of questions about Greek life! Also, if you’ve never watched Greek then you’re missing out! It was so nice to explore the camp and get a feel for the place before the campers arrived and the madness began!

Girls at Camp Sign

The three of us were lifeguards for the summer and so were excited to check out the lake where we would be spending the majority of the summer! It looked so much fun with a dock, dive tower, giant blog and giant swing, as well as kayaks and paddleboats! The lake looked so beautiful and I knew that we were in for an epic summer (and would get awesome tans)!

Camp Blue Ridge Lake Blob Camp Blue Ridge Dive Platform and Blob

We then headed down to the ski lake where the lifeguards would also work. Apparently there was a really bad accident last summer at a nearby camp where a counsellor was killed by a ski boat and so the rules have changed and the camps can now only use jet skis for water skiing and tubing etc. The jet skis looked like fun though and I was really excited to hopefully have a go throughout the summer!

Blue Ridge Lake Ski Lake Camp Blue Ridge

Camp Blue Ridge literally has every sport and possible activity on offer ranging from rock climbing, to soccer, to gymnastics, art, shooting, music, drama and so many more! The kids were so lucky to be able to experience this every summer, I wish we had summer camps in Australia!

Tennis Courts Swings Camp Blue Ridge Archery Camp Blue Ridge

The boys thought it would be good to test out the slip n’ slide, which very quickly gained the nickname of slip n’ die as people ended up with a lot of bruises from the slide!

Slip and Slide Camp Blue Ridge

It was then time to check out our cabin, where we’d also be spending a lot of the summer! I was placed in ‘G20’ which was the 13 year old girls cabin, the youngest of the teen groups. Together with Sharna (also an Aussie), Jill, Alana and Rikki (two more Americans), we were the counsellors for G20! Sharna and Jill very quickly became two of my closest camp friends.

Camp Counsellors

This was G20. Home for the summer.

Cabin at Summer Camp

We considered it to be a ‘waterfront cabin’ as we had glimpses of the lake from the balcony!

Lake view from Cabin

The cabin was quite basic, as you’d expect of a summer cabin cabin! Complete with bunk beds and plenty of storage.

Bunks in CabinStorage in Cabin

This would be my bunk for the summer! The bed was quite comfy thankfully! I knew that one of the hardest things for me would be getting enough sleep in a shared living space as I definitely value my sleep, and like plenty of it!

Bed Camp Blue Ridge
The bathrooms were also very basic, but did the job.

Summer Camp Bathroom Summer Camp Bathrooms

You can see by my face how shocked I was with how much luggage our campers had! They were allowed to bring two of these massive bags each and these were shipped across a few days before everyone arrived.

Simone with campers luggage G20 Camper Sign Camp Activities

Camp Blue Ridge is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia and we were surrounded by natural beauty! There was plenty of stunning hikes to do and we spent our last free afternoon before the campers arrived hiking up by this little waterfall.

Walk to waterfall Beautiful green scenery Blue Ridge Mountains Waterfall Camp Blue Ridge

The first few days at camp were seriously epic and I just knew it was going to be the summer of a lifetime! The facilities at camp were incredible and my fellow co-counsellors all seemed so fun and lovely!

Have you ever worked at a summer camp or is it on your to-do list? x