Adventures in the German themed village of Helen, Georgia

Whilst working over the summer at Camp Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia, I had the opportunity to visit the charming town of Helen, Georgia on two separate occasions. Helen is a gorgeous town that is situated on the Chattahoochee River in Northeastern Georgia. When visiting Helen you will be surprised to find out you are still in fact in Georgia and haven’t been miraculously transported to Bavaria, Germany. This is due to the fact that over 50 years ago Helen was transformed from a dying lumbar village into a German themed village and is now one of the most popular and visited towns in Georgia for locals and tourists alike.

German themed town Helen in Georgia

Helen’s transformation from a dying lumbar village into it the current day German themed town, have ensured Helen’s popularity as one of Georgia’s most visited and enjoyed towns.┬áHelen has over 200 speciality and import shops and both the facades and interiors of most buildings and restaurants truly make you feel as if you are in Germany, with even German themed street names. Helen is renown for its outdoor and adventure activities.

Summer Campers in Helen GeorgiaMemorial in Helen GeorgiaGerman themed building in Helen GeorgiaSign in Helen GeorgiaGirl with Australian sign in Helen GeorgiaKissing puppy in Helen Georgia

We took 100-odd teen campers tubing with the Cool River Tubing company along Helen’s own natural lazy river. Tubing down the Chattahoochee River is fun, exciting and allows you to tube down on your own or tie yourself to friends or family by linking your tubes together. I would recommend bringing or hiring a stick as you sometimes can get stuck on rocks or on the edge of River depending on the height of the river at the time. Definently a fun, adventurous and safe day out for all ages! Helen also boasts beautiful waterfalls nearby, hiking trails in the scenic Blue Ridge mountains and countless waterways to explore.

Summer campers in Helen GeorgiaGirl tubing in Helen GeorgiaTubing down river in Helen GeorgiaRiver tubing in GeorgiaTubing down rapids in Helen GeorgiaTubing down river Helen GeorgiaCamp Counsellors tubing in Helen GeorgiaGirl tubing with dog in Helen GeorgiaTubing in Helen GeorgiaGirl tubing in Helen Georgia

The small unique town celebrated its 100th anniversary last year and I would definently recommend a stopover here in your travels through Georgia and America’s south.

Sign in Helen Georgia

Helen also hosts a wide range of events and festivals such as Oktoberfest, a Trout Tournament and Hot Air Balloon Festival. Visit the official website for more info and dates of events and activities in the area!

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