New York Yankees vs Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium

A trip to the states wouldn’t seem right if you didn’t take the time to experience the American culture and their love of sports. I was lucky enough to score some last minute tickets to a New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox baseball game. Yankee Stadium is the home ball field of the New York Yankees and is located in the Bronx, not far out of the city.

There are a number of ways to purchase your tickets, we opted to buy ours online at which was a simple, straightforward transaction. Yankee stadium is absolutely enormous and seats over 50,000 spectators. We caught public transport to the game which was the best option as the subway is quick, cheap and allows for the smooth transportation of the masses to and from the stadium.

Even though baseball isn’t my favourite sport, we all really enjoyed the game, the atmosphere and the US baseball experience! If you are visiting the New York I’d highly recommend experiencing the American sporting culture by catching a baseball game at Yankee stadium.

Have you seen a baseball game whilst travelling in the US? x

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