Huacachina: A Desert Oasis in Peru

Huacachina in Peru is a beautiful, tiny Oasis town amongst some of the worlds largest sand dunes. It is in this place that you can ride rollercoasters in a dune buggy, sandboard down gigantic dunes, witness a spectacular sunset over the desert and camp overnight in the middle of the beautiful, peaceful desert.

Our hostel, Desert Nights Hostelling International, arranged a Desert tour for us with Desert Adventure that involved Dune Buggying, Sandboarding, a BBQ in the desert and camping overnight.

We departed from Huacachina mid afternoon when it had started to cool down, this is a good time of the day as it is incredibly hot out there! We set off all strapped into our dune buggy and began our 25k route through the desert. Our driver despite being a crazy driver, was in control at all times and you could tell from his expertise that he had been driving through this desert for years. 

We stopped half a dozen times through our thrilling, adrenaline pumping, roller-coaster like experience to take photographs and sandboard down the enormous dunes! Sandboarding is like no other, absolutely insane! So much fun, and your driver helps you out, and if you want to go slow just lie down on your stomach as if you are on a sled and dig your feet into the sand. I promise you – I am one of the most uncoordinated travellers out there and I still had a go and loved it!

Following our sandboarding, we stopped at the top of one of the largest dunes to watch one of the most breathtaking sunsets, and watch the sun slowly dip under the dunes. 

Once the sun went down, we cruised to our “campsite” for the night, a place in the middle of the dunes, protected from the wind and so far away from civilisation. It is just you and the stars! We were cooked an amazing BBQ meal, drank the included piscolas and danced the night away in the desert. Upon waking up, we cruised through the desert and dunes back to Huacachina. 

Our stay in Huacachina and the desert was at the end of my South American trip and was an amazing way to finish off an incredible trip, by far one of the highlights of this trip. I highly recommend it to anyone travelling through Peru.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, warm clothes for when the sun goes down, head torch/flashlight and camera!

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