Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Wanderlusters

With Christmas only a week away here are some last minute gift ideas for the wanderlusters in your life!

1. Travel Scratch Map
I have one of these at home – I love scratching off countries but it only reminds me of how much more of the world there is to see!

2. Leather travel Wallet
Lovely leather goods to protect your all-important passport & documents such as this beautiful, leather collection from Aspinal of London, which comes in a number of colours.

3. Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book
This book is the perfect addition to a coffee table or desk. Lonely Planet take you on a journey through every country in the world – ensuring you will never run out of ideas, wanderlust or motivation for your next trip!

4. iPad
I can’t travel anywhere without my iPad. It is so convenient – whether its for skyping home, uploading posts and photos, checking address, reading my kindle app, booking flights – anything! Pretty much everywhere you go has Wi-Fi now as well, ensuring when you want to be connected – you can be.

5. Watch
All travellers need to know the time. Michael Kors has the most stunning range of watches for both men & women. Here’s one of my favourites!

6. Wi-Fi Memory Card
Allows travellers to wirelessly stream to their devices – whoever created this is a genius, I need one of these!

7. Portable travel speakers
There are so many brands that produce travel speakers of all shapes, sizes and sounds depending on your taste and budget!

8. Camera Tripod
I can vouch for these funny looking Tripods because they are fantastic – you can stand and hook/wrap them around anything! Your camera will thank you!

9. Good quality headphones.
Avenue 32 have a gorgeous range of headphones such as these Rose Gold ones from their collection Frends with Benefits.

10. Plane Tickets
Last but not least – probably the best thing you can buy a traveller! They’ll love you for it and post millions of photos on Facebook to make you jealous! Try Skyscanner or STA Travel!

 Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all have a safe, happy festive season! x