Spring has (finally) sprung in the UK

Being an Australian and blessed with (mostly) beautiful weather all year round, I’d never really noticed the changing of seasons.

Fast forward to moving to the UK and I am in awe of the distinct, obvious change in the seasons. I’ve never appreciated the sunshine, warmth and spring time as much as I have this year.

Today’s post is a short, but sweet and colourful one!

Around (English) Mothers Day, Daffodils began to pop up literally EVERYWHERE! Now I know we have Daffodils in Australia but I have never really paid much attention. I think Dan was starting to get sick of me constantly pointing them out and taking photos of them!

Within weeks, England has literally come back to life! I’m not going to lie… winter, cold weather and hibernation was getting a little depressing but the sun has come out and everything is green along with the most beautiful colours everywhere you look!

It’s not just people’s gardens either, the parks and forests are coming alive!

The latest to bloom are the beautiful bluebells and tulips!

It’s not just the weather that has changed its the people, everyone is so much happier & spending time outdoors!

It’s so nice to have sunshine, warmth and beautiful colours all around us! Spring has well and truly sprung & summer good times are on their way!

Happy days!

What is your favourite Season? x

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