Wala, Vanuatu

Beautiful Wala is remote tropical island at its best.

How lucky were we that our table at breakfast overlooked this incredible view and to say that we were excited for a another day of island adventures would certainly be an understatement!

As we sat happily in the sunshine eating breakfast, we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious food to prepare ourselves for another big day of sun, sand & water!

A short tender ride & we landed on the hot sand of Wala only to be greeted with the warmest welcome from a traditional string band and a beautiful chorus of voices!

(Not going to lie… it made us feel pretty special, as I’m sure it did the other thousand odd passengers)

The sand was hot, the sun was hot and the crystal clear water was so refreshing!

After hours of swimming we decided to escape from our fellow cruise passengers and wander further around the island…

Wala is so scarcely populated that there’s no electricity, telephones or cars making it so incredible peaceful! The locals get around the island by foot or on colourful dugout canoes.

I loved exploring the tropical rainforest boasting every shade of green imaginable!

It was a day of sunshine, sea, palm trees &ultimate relaxation.

How lucky am I to be in paradise with three of my best friends!?

After we ventured back to the ship, we took up residence in our deck chairs (or in Bec’s case hidden away in the shade, as she’d had just a little bit too much sun…) and waved goodbye to peaceful, idyllic Wala as the ship steered back out to sea.

We watched Wala slowly became just a green speck in the distance before disappearing completely…

Where would you love to visit on a Cruise? x

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