Champagne Bay, Vanuatu

Santo was going to be hard to beat, but as soon as we peeked out the window after waking up anchored just off Champagne Bay, we knew we were in P A R A D I S E!

Champagne Bay is tucked away on the North East coast of the island of Santo in Vanuatu. As there is no big port for cruise ships to pull into you take a short tender boat ride to shore.

A wide bay boasting pristine, white sand with the most breathtakingly blue, crystal-clear water I’ve ever seen. Lined by thousands of palm trees, which add to the tropical island feeling you get from the minute you set eyes on this amazing place.

It was an overcast, drizzly day but that did not subtract from the beauty of this place one bit.

We embraced our inner mermaids by playing & floating in the warmest, bluest of water for hours on end!

The misty rain didn’t phase us one bit…

We even managed to find some props!

After hours of swimming we emerged with wrinkly skin and wandered further along the beach.

Between swims we found time to make friends with some of the locals…

I couldn’t help myself but go for the obligatory ‘hot dogs or legs‘ photo whilst relaxing on the sand.

It was the perfect day in paradise with my favourite girls. The sun even came out for a bit!

After a big day of adventures in the waters of Champagne Bay we spent the afternoon sipping on Pacific Island Ice Tea’s whilst we cruised onwards back out to sea!

It’s no surprise Champagne Bay has been voted as P&O Cruises’ top destination for numerous years… It is a Tropical Island Paradise!

Have you ever been on a cruise?

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