Exploring Port Vila, Vanuatu

Our second last stop whilst cruising the South Pacific was Port Vila in Vanuatu.

I was devastated to hear about the Cyclone that hit Vanuatu last month because Port Vila was one of our favourite stops, the people were so kind and the place so incredibly beautiful.

We found it hilarious from the moment we walked off the ship to see hundreds of taxis lined up along the road yelling out prices and deals and trying to get us to go with them for the day. Having opted against the shore tours, we made a deal with a driver who would drive us around for the whole day and take us to all the places we wanted to visit. With the four of us and our driver happy we set off to visit a lookout for our first stop!

There were the most beautiful views over the beautiful sea water contrasted with the lush green that was everywhere!

We then cruised along driving past swaying palm trees and through small villages…

The kids all came out of their houses to scream and wave to us as we flew past on our way to visit one of Port Vila’s beautiful waterfalls located at the top of beautiful gardens swimming holes.

I was so in love with how green everything was!

It was a bit of a hike up to the waterfall… be careful, the rocks are slippery (I fell on my bum)! haha

But the hike was worth it…

We even found a little hidden cave!

After we felt sufficiently refreshed we wandered back down to our van and then cruised along the beach front admiring the black sand beaches!

Our driver treated us by taking us to an incredible coffee plantation and cafe where we tasted one of the most delicious iced coffees of our lives!

We stopped in town before heading back to the ship to pick up some duty free alcohol (by far the cheapest I’ve seen in all my travels) and perfume!

We got stuck in traffic and this guy took a liking to Bec and wanted to be her boyfriend!

It was Island night so we picked up some supplies at the markets before getting back on the ship.

Liz and I relaxed on deck whilst we sailed away from Port Vila after the most wonderful day!

We then got in Island Night mode… and this was the result! Do we look the part?

It was the perfect end to the perfect day in paradise! I can’t wait to come back and visit Vanuatu!

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Let us know all out it in the comments below! x

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