Our Top 10 Travel Photography Tips

A great photo can reignite some of your best memories and we consider our photographs to be the best souvenirs from our travels. Here’s our top 10 travel photography tips that we have learnt along the way & hopefully they may help you to also improve your travel photos!

1. Golden Hour.
As well as sunset, make sure you don’t skip sunrise, In addition to being the perfect light you also get to experience a destination with less people, traffic, hustle and bustle. It is also a great time to see some of the best sights in a city without the crowds. 

2. Gorilla pod/Tripod.
We don’t go anywhere without our Gorilla Pod. A gorilla pod does the job of a tripod but is compact, flexible and easy to fit in your suitcase/backpack. It is perfect for a number of purposes from taking selfies to securing to a bridge or lamp post for the slower shutter speed shots 

You can purchase one here: Gorilla Pod.

3. Don’t be lazy!
Always make sure you have your camera with you. This can be a chore on longer trips when you literally always have your camera with you but some of the best pictures are the ones you never expected to get. Sometimes its simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

4. Protection.
Don’t worry about always taking your padded case/lens cap. I find it just slows me down. When I first got my camera I was over protective and always kept it in the case nice & safe but missed so many good photo opportunities. Now whilst I am still careful with it I simply have it hanging at my side on a sling. I can be walking along talking & enjoying the scenery and still be able to taking a picture within seconds. The camera is a little more at risk of being damaged and potentially getting a little dirty but what is the point of having it if it is not being used? I always use a lens hood which will provide a level of protection and have a professional camera cleaning kit at home. 

You can purchase a camera sling like ours here: Camera Sling.

5.  Be patient. 
Try not to schedule too much into a day as you might be somewhere amazing but just not able to get the shot that you wanted. There could be a big cloud looming overhead or a coach full of eager tourists affecting your photo. If you are just not getting the picture you want then go look at something else or grab a coffee & enjoy the scene around you before trying again at the optimal time. It really can make the world of difference to your photography.

6. Take more pictures.
I end up with literally thousands of pictures following a trip. It creates a serious job when processing photos but I am always surprised and pleased with the results. Sometimes a picture I thought would be the perfect one is relegated by an extra I didn’t think would even make the cut.

7. Take less pictures.
Yes, this completely contradicts the previous tip but sometimes putting the camera down and immersing yourself into the environmental can lead you to the perfect picture that you never would have thought about if you were behind the lens constantly clicking away. It truly is a balance.

8. Get Low – get down on the ground. 
Trying different angles, viewpoints and thinking outside the box can get you something unique to that of everyone else which will really make your photos stand out. 

9.  Learn the lingo. 
Learn how to say hello and try to engage with the people you are taking photos of. You will end up with warmer more genuine photos than you would from simply zooming from a distance and this will also add to your overall travel experience. 

10. Research. 
Spend time researching your destination. Visiting forums and reading travel guides will help you to get prepared and have a plan as to who, what and where you will be photographing, which will greatly improve your photos. I find that even if my best pictures are spur of the moment, the research gets me focused and I also don’t miss a must-have shot! It also helps me to get excited about my upcoming trips.

Do you have additional photography tips to share with us?

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