The View from The Shard, London

London is a magnificent city and without doubt one my favourite cities in the world. The View from The Shard provides us the best opportunity to see this exciting bustling city from above.

The View from The Shard is London’s highest viewing platform at the top of Western Europe’s tallest building & offers the most incredible views over this incredible city. The highest point of the viewing platform in located 240m above ground and on a clear day, visitors can see up to 40 miles away in every direction.

The 360 degree views of London over two platforms that are two stories apart in height are absolutely breathtaking. On my last trip to London I took a ride in the London Eye, another amazing attraction in London but it’s views are secondary to that of The Shard. It’s sheer height and 360 degree views make it the best views of this incredible city.

The view would be spectacular any time of the day, however we booked our tickets to coincide with the sunset and is was an experience I’ll never forget!

We found the online booking process really simple and the staff were professional, friendly and super helpful, happy to take photos for us too! I highly recommend a visit to The Shard to anyone visiting and wanting to fully experience London.

In addition, another fantastic thing that The Shard offer is if you visit on a day where the visibility is poor they will allow you to rebook your tickets for free so you still have the opportunity to experience The View! They certainly don’t want anyone to miss out on the experience simply because of the weather.

The Shard
32 London Bridge St

London SE1 9SG
0844 499 7111

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