Exploring England’s South Coast with our Aussie Visitors

We are lucky enough to live in a very beautiful part of the UK. You’ll find us in a village in the gorgeous countryside pretty much halfway between London and Brighton. When I first moved to the UK I was a little taken aback and felt like we were kind of in the middle of no where but I quickly fell in love with our quiet village and love that we have the best of both worlds, living in the peaceful, beautiful countryside and still being less than an hours train ride to both the big city and also the sea side.

We’ve had quite a few visitors the past year or so from Australia, and when they are staying with us we like to take them on a day trip to Brighton to show them around. Brighton is a gorgeous seaside city and has such a quirky, relaxed vibe and I love to take visitors from home there and spend a day exploring the Pier, wandering the lanes, marvelling at the Royal Pavilion and strolling along the seafront. Most recently, we took my mum & dad and it was such a beautiful, sunny day and they loved it!

We started with a stop at Pevensey Castle so that mum & dad could add to their list of castles visited whilst in the UK! I like visiting places like this that aren’t completely reconstructed and elaborate and have just been left as they were!

We then ventured through the South Downs and gorgeous countryside until we reached Brighton. The sun began to shine and we had a wonderful day having fun on the Pier, wandering the lanes and making mum & dad pose in photos on their Pier and do Yoga at the Pavilion…

It was the perfect day with my three favourite people! Like all our Aussie visitor to date, Mum and Dad loved Brighton, and we really enjoyed showing them around one of our favourite places. It is a place I highly recommend visiting when travelling in England. 

Have you been to Brighton? What do you love about it?

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