Jet Lag & A Gorgeous Sydney Sunrise

On our first morning in Sydney we woke up about 4am Australian time (thank you jet lag!) and Dan tried to kill some time researching what to do with our morning when he discovered that our where we were staying at Watson’s Bay was actually only a few minutes from one of the best spots to see the sunrise in all of Sydney! We left the hotel about 5am and walked up to the Gap in Sydney Harbour National Park. The Gap is unfortunately well known for a number of negative reasons but we want to share just beautiful it is and what an incredible start to our Sydney adventures we had here.

Sydney Sunrise

We set out in pitch darkness but there were plenty of street lights and it felt very safe with the well marked paths which were in excellent condition and guard rails before the edge! We walked along the paths to keep warm and admiring the incredible, rugged views before watching the sun rise over the horizon.

Sydney Harbour national park sign
first signs of sunrise
the Aussie flashpackers waiting for the sunrise
Dan with the Sun rise behind

We had the incredible views out over the ocean one direction, and turned around to see the city start to come to life behind us…

Sydney Skyline from the Gap
the first days light hitting the Sydney sky scrapers

It was a stunning sunrise, and well worth getting up early for!

Sunrise bursting around the clouds
heavenly sunrise from the gap in sydney
Sydney Sunrise
the sunrise from Sydney harbour national park

It was breathtaking every direction we turned…

Sydney skyline within the rising sun
the cliffs at the gap in watsons bay
Simone at the Gap with Sydney in the Background
the sun over the sea from watsons bay sydney

It really is such a naturally beautiful part of the world. It felt amazing to be back in Australia and to be showing it off to Dan!

a wave smashing the gap in Sydney

Once the sun had risen (and we felt sufficiently blinded) we turned to watch it slowly continue to wake up the city.

Sydney skyline at sunrise

the Aussie Flashpacker at the gap sydney

These gorgeous fella’s (cockatoos for our non-Aussie readers) were also up to watch the sunrise…

cockatoo at Sydney harbour national park
Red sunrise from Sydney harbour national park
cockatoo in Sydney
cockatoo at sunrise

bright sunrise in sydney

Dan tried to make friends with the first Australian wildlife he encountered…

He still has all his fingers too!

dan with a cockatoo in Sydney harbour national park

We then strolled back down to Watson’s Bay to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the harbour at this early hour…

the Aussie Flashpackers at sunrise

Our early (and not planned) start proved to be one of our favourite parts of our visit to Sydney and was such a breathtaking sunset. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful times of the day and we plan on catching plenty more sunrises on our travels. We both highly recommend visiting this gorgeous part of Sydney during your visit there!

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