Top Things to do in Nice

This summer has been filled with quite a few short European adventures, the most recent one being a trip to Nice, on the French Riviera. Staying in an Airbnb apartment, my friend and I were committed to making the most out of our 5 days, with a whole host of trips and activities planned. I always knew Nice would be beautiful, but I never expected to love it as much as I did – I just didn’t want to leave!

I thought it would be fun to list a few of the things you can get up to there, as despite it being known to many as a quiet destination along the coast, there really is so much on offer to see and do.

dark skies and lightning over nice

Whether it be a stroll along the promenade taking in the gorgeous sea views, adding a little culture to the trip and heading to one of the many art museums across the city or cycling around to see all those breathtaking sights just that bit quicker than on foot, Nice has so much to offer. If you’re a fan of a good glass of wine or two (who isn’t), Nice has a fantastic variety of different wine tasting tours you can go on, which vary in both time, prices and location.

There was actually so much that we wanted to do in such a short space of time that we just couldn’t fit everything in – I could definitely have spent a lot more time there so I would recommend planning a few things before you go.

Tip: To hire a bike, it is a little complicated so you may want to figure out how to do it before you get there. Let’s just say, the instructions at the stations scattered around the city aren’t the easiest to understand.

Nice coastline

We didn’t actually realise until we looked into what we were going to see and do in Nice that the Saturday we were there, was a national holiday. With fireworks events planned all along the French Riviera, we decided there could be no better way to experience such an infamous event, than an evening boat trip from Nice to Cannes. There are so many different boat trips you can choose from, with Cannes, Monaco and St Tropez very popular places to visit by boat so set sail and get your camera at the ready because oh boy, there are some incredible views…

Sailing in Nice

Nice is in the perfect location for those of you who want to make the most out of your stay and travel to a number of different places. Buying tickets is super easy, and trains to Monaco and Cannes run around every 30 minutes, from early in the morning to late at night. If you are after topping up your tan on a beach and you aren’t fancying lying on the pebbles in Nice, visit quaint little town, Antibes which is just two stops away from Cannes – gorgeous little streets as well as a beach situated in a calm bay with views of some of the most luxurious houses along the French Riviera (in particular, the mansion owned by Armani, I mean, it’s alright…).

colourful buildings in nice

Clear Blue Ocean from the Beach, Nice

Fireworks in Nice, France

a Nice Alleyway

If I lived in France, I would definitely be about 759394 stone. The lack of self control I have when it comes to French food is almost embarrassing (except it’s not because who could say no to such incredible food? Not me, that’s for sure). If there’s one place that you absolutely must go to, it’s Oliviera (which I talk at length about here). With the nicest owner you could ever imagine and the best dining experience I have ever had in France, it’s a real gem. 

Something that I just do not agree with, is that Nice cannot be done on a budget – some of the best food we had was in a restaurant called La Voglia – so good in fact, that we went back twice! Huge portions, great quality food and super cheap prices, what more could you want.

Tip: Fenocchios is famous for being the best gelato and ice cream parlour in Nice – if you’re a fan of sweet treats, get yourself there…

a bowl of Snails in France

Lasagne and wine in Nice, France

Something that was completely unexpected to me, was just how good the nightlife is in Nice. Whether you want a relaxed, quiet couple of drinks in a rather nice bar or you’re committing yourself to a pretty heavy night, this French city can cater for it. With clubs and bars open until the early hours of the morning, you can definitely have a fun time – one local bar which is very popular with the locals doesn’t close until 5am! Not that I did that, nope, not me…

Whatever you do, wherever you go, just have a good time because really, that’s all that matters.

Luxury Restaurant in Nice, France

Sampling the Wine in France

Where have you travelled to recently? I would absolutely love to hear about your recent adventures so make sure you leave a comment below…

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