My Norwegian Peaks and Valleys: Trolltunga and Geirangerfjord

Oh, Norway. For as long as I can remember this place was a magical, mysterious destination for me.  The hazy beauty of majestic glaciers and fjords lured me for months, and finally – I made it to the homeland of blonde blue-eyed people and funny, yet sneaky trolls!

During my trip I saw all of the most famous and beautiful places in Norway, but for today I will feature the two of the must-sees when visiting Norway: Trolltunga and Geirangerfjord.

Trolltunga was my first tourist destination in Norway. I drove to Odda, a little town where I had planned to stay from Oslo, which took me about 5 hours one way. I was camping, because in Norway, a relatively expensive country it is the cheapest accommodation possible – and after all I am just a student!

In order to get to the Trolltunga trail I took the road into the mountains – there are plenty of signs, so it is easy to figure out where to go. You then end up at the bottom of a huge mountain – although it is actually not the one that you are aiming for – Trolltunga is a bit further. As you probably managed to figure out, Trolltunga sounds a lot like ‘troll’s tongue’ and it is indeed what it means. It is a horizontal rock that actually looks like a tongue, hanging above the lake. 

The journey up is really difficult. It took us 7 hours up and 5 hours down, from 12pm till 12am. In the very end I was absolutely exhausted, almost sick of tiredness – but this was also because of the very difficult weather conditions with strong, cold wind and occasional rain. Despite all of this the 22 kilometre trip was totally worth it for those amazing views!

On the other hand, my final trip in Norway was to Geirangerfjord. Geirangerfjord is the most popular and most famous fjord in Norway. It takes 7 hours to get there from Oslo and once you arrive, you can easily find a hotel – but in my case, I was camping, again! The fjord is 15 kilometres long and sometimes as little as 500 metres wide! It’s great a great destination for boat cruises and kayaking – the latter I did myself which was an amazing experience!

During my stay at Geirangerfjord I took a number of hikes – such as one through Skageflå, a historic farm, where people raise goats up to 250 metres above the fjord, next to a steep cliff! From here I could perfectly see the beautiful, blue waters of the fjord, as well as the stunning, famous Seven Sisters waterfalls! Hiking is certainly one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Geirangerfjord.

I also visited Storseterfossen, a beautiful waterfall which you can walk behind and take photos! It was quite an adventure and I ended up very wet and cold, but also happy.

Geiranger is also a perfect place to fish – here you can see me with a flounder which I caught and ate for dinner!

The campsite has a perfect little place to relax and cook with a grill and seats. This allows you to eat great fresh fish (which you have caught yourself) and enjoy beautiful views of the stunning nature all around you.

Have you been lucky enough to visit beautiful Norway and if not is it on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments!

author-pic Written by Dalia from Ms Dalia and her Bag.
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