Whale Watching in Port Macquarie, Australia

Our trip home to Australia this year was in prime whale watching season. Beautiful humpback whales migrate along the East Coast of Australia every year and we are truly lucky to be able to see these magnificent creatures in the wild most days whilst we were there. My parents also surprised us with a whale watching cruise which was certainly a highlight of our trip!

One of the best spots in Port Macquarie to see the whales is from Tacking Point Lighthouse. We spent a lot of time up here and along Lighthouse Beach as it it both Dan & my favourite beach in the world! Whilst we were there we spotted whales a number of times playing off the coast as well as pods of dolphins only metres from shore.

On our last day at home before we headed back down to Sydney to fly to the UK, mum and dad surprised us with a whale watching trip! It was the first ever whale watching trip that both Dan and I had ever been on and we were so excited! It was quite overcast that day when we woke up but we weren’t cancelling for anything!

They’d booked through Port Macquarie Cruise Adventures and due to the weather and ocean conditions they took us out in their smaller boat (a 8.5 metre RIB sports boat)! It cut through the waves really well and only carried 12 passengers which meant everyone could see perfectly!

Once we’d put on our life jackets and chosen our seats we were cruising out the river towards the bar and into the sea. I may be biased but I truly think Port Macquarie has one of the most beautiful waterways in the world and have spent many, many days on the river and in the sea swimming, kayaking, boating and fishing!

The swell was quite big and I’d taken tablets to try and help my sea sickness. It didn’t stop me from squealing like the biggest baby every time we sped over waves! It felt like we were on a roller coaster and everyone was loving it. We were so lucky to spot a whale completely breaching out of the water within 10 minutes of being out at sea! We cruised over to it and over the next hour or so were so lucky to follow seven beautiful whales and a mother and its calf. It was such a wonderful experience to be so close to these majestic, peaceful animals as they played around our boat.

Our skipper knew so much about the whales and could even recognise each particular whale as he has been following them for so many years!

We had such a fun day out with mum & dad watching these incredible animals in the wild. It was such a surreal experience to be up close and personal with them and something I would do again in a second! We did all finish up pretty wet which was a combination of the rain & the waves but we felt very safe in the hands of our skipper!

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