Bravofly: Our New Flight Search Engine

We’ve been lucky enough to travel quite extensively over the last few years and have ticked off a number of countries across six continents! All this travel means a lot of booking of flights which more often than not ends up being a stressful ordeal when really it should a happy, exciting moment! We’ve used numerous search engines in the past but after bad experiences with a few we’re very happy to have recently come across is part of the group, one of the leaders in the travel industry! Bravofly allow you to easily search for and book flights, hotels and other travel & leisure related activities! You know they are doing something right when over 10 million customers use them to book their travels each year!

Bravofly Search Booking Engine

We recently used Bravofly to book our flights from Athens to Sydney in July of this year. We’d used numerous search engines to look for the right flight for us and were very pleased when we searched with Bravofly. I loved how easy it was to filter our results as the combination of airlines, flight length, stopovers and of course the price is very important for us when booking a flight. Their simple and easy-to-use search engine allowed us to quickly compare flights to find the most convenient flight at the best price for us. We were very happy with our choice of flight from Athens to Sydney with Singapore Airlines at a price of $1982.05 which we thought was very reasonable and we found within a matter of minutes on Bravofly’s website.

Bravofly booking screenshot

Their website has a nice clear, simple layout and is really easy to navigate and use. On the homepage you can enter your search (destination, dates, number of people travelling) and within seconds you will have your search results. You are also able to filter the search result by a large number of different factors including price, airline, flight length, departure and arrival times and duration, as well as change the currency the prices are shown in. I really liked the fact that there is no hidden costs and that the prices shown on the search results are the final prices!

Bravofly Screenshot Flight Booking Process

Once we’d selected our chosen flight, entered our personal information and credit card details we reached the confirmation screen and were also sent a confirmation SMS and email within minutes of paying (which is always a relief to receive after paying out a large sum)!

In addition to being able to book travel, there is also a plethora of information available including free city travel guides which have been written by locals living in that city, the jam packed Bravofly travel blog and plenty of travel tips!

Bravofly travel blog screenshot

Booking flights should be exciting and not be a stressful experience. We had a smooth, enjoyable booking process with Bravofly and will use them again to book future flights and would recommend them to travelers looking for a simple, easy and successful flight booking process.

For more information or to book your next travel adventure visit the website!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Bravofly 

Our opinions are as always our own and as always if we didn’t love it or hadn’t had a great experience ourselves we wouldn’t recommend it!