Our Cinque Terre Photo Diary

I don’t know when I first fell in love with the Cinque Terre but I do know that it has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. A few weeks ago we finally got to visit and spent four magical days exploring these gorgeous, colourful, enchanting villages built into the cliffs of this amazing part of the Italian coastline. We rented a small room in Riomaggiore on booking.com and we were blown away when it turned out to be an incredible apartment with a kitchen and amazing terrace overlooking all of Riomaggiore. On one of our days we completed the hike through the five villages and spent a few hours exploring them all. Whilst Riomaggiore was certainly our favourite, every village in the Cinque Terre is magical and has its own unique & charming features and so I don’t think it matters which village you stay in because you’re guaranteed to love it. I’m so glad we stayed on the actual Cinque Terre rather than travelling in each day because it meant we had the place all to ourselves in the mornings before the day trippers arrived and the evenings once everyone left where we caught the most majestic sunsets on the rocks every night. The photo below is from when Dan very bravely climbed out on very slippery & uneven rocks on the rocky break wall of Riomaggiore for this magical shot of this town which we’ve fallen head over heels in love with. It is truly one of the most enchanting places we’ve ever visited!

We’ve never met a person who didn’t fall in love with the Cinque Terre and now we can see why. It is one of the most magical and enchanting places we’ve ever visited and a place I would return to in a heartbeat.

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Have you ever visited the Cinque Terre? We’d love to hear your stories from this amazing part of the world or let us know if it’s on your list to visit one day! x

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