Escaping the Crowds on our Roman Holiday

Rome, The Eternal City is one of the most majestic cities in the world and without a doubt one of my favourites! We visited Rome together in 2014 and both loved every moment exploring the ancient sites, strolling the cobblestoned streets and indulging in incredible Italian cuisine and fine wine! On our recent visit, Rome was without a doubt the busiest I have ever seen it in all my times to the city and so whilst we still ticked some of the sites off our list including the Colosseum & Vatican, the Trevi Fountain which is now reopened after its restoration and the historical centre, we spent a lot of our time in the city trying to get off the beaten tourist trail. We took an incredible evening food tour with Secret Food Tours where we indulged in incredible Italian cuisine and had a tour of the historical centre which included the Jewish Quarter and Trastevere.

One of the highlights of our visit to Rome this time was discovering the beauty of Villa Borghese. Villa Borghese is a huge park that it literally only minutes from Piazza del Popolo and you are guaranteed to find secret little spots with no one else around. We stumbled across a gorgeous lake with a fountain the middle where you could hire row boats for €3 per person for 20 minutes which was a very romantic and relaxing experience! We also hired little bike cars which are battery assisted which makes peddling uphill really easy! It was only €12 for an hour and we had an amazing time cruising around the park and finished with a delicious picnic in a little secluded part of the park! If you’re on limited time in Rome then there are certainly enough sites to keep you busy but we loved that we had the opportunity to be able to visit world famous sites in the morning and then also be able to escape the crowds and relax in the tranquil Villa Borghese park that very same afternoon. Our visit to Rome was much different to any other visit we’ve had but we absolutely loved every minute of our incredible five nights in the city.

After four visits Rome is still my favourite city in the world! Have you ever visited Rome and seen the glory of the Eternal City? x

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