Salvezani Apartments: An Authentic Stay in the Heart of Split

We’ve recently entered Croatia, a country that has been on our bucket list for a long time and have happily fallen in love with its beauty, charm, history, friendly people and scenery. After a short but sweet visit in Zagreb we headed south to beautiful seaside Split! Here we booked the three nights leading up to our MedSailors cruise at Salvezani Apartments which were located in the centre of Split. Our apartment was gorgeous, comfortable, luxurious, stylish, cosy and had everything we could want or need to make it feel like a home as well as being super affordable! We particularly also loved its amazing history as it was located in the Old Town in the very heart of Diocletian’s palace! The 16th century building was respectfully restored and all the unique, authentic features were kept to create this beautiful apartment which we loved so much that we booked an extra night after our cruise there too! Split has a wonderful atmosphere and it was an incredible experience to stay in the very heart of this amazing city.

The Roman Emperor Diocletian spent his final years in an enormous palace that he had built near his birthplace, Aspalthos, in Dalmatia. With the passing centuries the original architecture of the palace has been altered, but the people of the Split were able to use the structure of the palace to create homes and over the centuries a harmonious city came into being within the Roman walls! Many aspects of the palace including the peristyle of the palace, Diocletian’s mausoleum, Jupiter’s temple, the colonnades along the streets, Early Croatian churches, Romanesque houses, the gates of Andrija Buvina and architectural works by Juraj Dalmatinac have all remained in an excellent state and today many people still live and work within these ancient city walls.

Salvezani Apartments are one of these and are situated in the old city centre and only a stone’s throw from the sea! These beautifully restored split-level apartments are situated in the very heart of the Diocletian’s palace and were built in the 16th century! As with many of the houses built within the palace walls throughout the centuries, Salvezani Apartments blend perfectly with their surroundings. We loved every aspect of our stay in Salvezani Apartments which are truly a gem in Split! We particularly loved that during the restoration of these beautiful apartments, the main idea was to keep every original feature and by doing so, respect the history, lives and fate of people who lived there and they have done an incredible job in doing so! 

We were staying in Split for three nights leading up to our sailing trip with MedSailors and during this time we were staying in Apartment 1! Salvezani Apartments has two beautiful apartments which are both beautifully decorated, fully furnished and come with a kitchen, bathroom with shower and bedroom. As I mentioned we loved our stay so much that we booked another night in Split following our sailing trip and this time stayed in Apartment 2! Both apartments were very similar and offered the same space and amenities with just a slightly different layout. 

Our lower floor which was actually the second floor of the building and had our lounge room and kitchen which was a very cosy, relaxing, comfortable and stylish room which like the whole apartment had been beautifully decorated and styled by Irina and felt very much felt like a home! Our kitchen was very well stocked and fully equipped with a refrigerator and cooker, crockery, cutlery, glasses, cookwear and even cooking oil, salt, pepper, tea and coffee which was a lovely addition! Our first apartment also had a washing machine which was a great bonus and very useful for us as we’d been travelling for a long time! 

Our bathroom was also downstairs and was spotlessly clean, had plenty of hot water and we really appreciated the towels and toiletries which were provided. 

Our bedroom was upstairs and even though it was in the attic it was very spacious, comfortable and relaxing. In addition to our very comfortable bed we also had a large, comfortable lounge chair along with air conditioning, satellite TV and free Wi-Fi which worked perfectly throughout our entire stay!

Apartment 2 was very similar in terms of layout  but slept three people.

Our apartment also offered gorgeous, authentic and unbeatable views from every window in the apartment of one of the oldest cathedrals in the world, the cathedral of St. Duje, the patron saint of Split along with Diocletian’s Palace and the Old Town from every single window. We loved opening our windows and gazing out over the terracotta rooftops whilst listening to the hustle and bustle of the streets below!

The location of our apartment within Diocletian’s Palace was absolutely perfect. Our central location meant we were only moments from all the must see sights of the Old Town, moments from the sea and only a few minutes walk to the marina and the bus station! We were only a few minutes walk to a supermarket which was really handy as we love cooking whenever we can! The neighbourhood around our apartment also had a really lovely community feel and across the street there was a fantastic art gallery called Galerija Paparella which is an association of local artists where they can all showcase their artwork and there is some truly beautiful works of art here so if you get a chance we highly recommend checking it out, especially if you are an art lover! There is also a excellent tour agency across the street called Splitilicious and we stopped in there for some travel advice around Split and the surrounding area and also booked a tour with them. The staff were friendly, really knowledgeable and super helpful and unlike a lot of travel agencies – they were really genuine and not pushy at all! So if you are looking to book any tours when you are in Split, from our experience we recommend Splitilicious! There’s countless dining options around Split and Irina gave us a few excellent recommendations including a local organic cafe around the corner where we had a fantastic lunch one day! 

We are also big fans of Game of Thrones and were really excited to find out that during recent years, Diocletian’s Palace has been used for as a filming location for the show! The streets and basements of Diocletian’s Palace have been used as sets for Daenerys Targaryen’s city of Meereen! The streets outside our apartment were even used during the filming which was really exciting and another awesome feature of this already amazing apartment!

Returning to Salvezani Apartments after a week sailing around Croatia with MedSailors was wonderful, it actually felt like we were home! The comfort, style and warmth of the apartment, along with Irina’s warm and friendly hospitality truly made it feel like our home away from home in Split! Our apartment was comfortable, cosy, beautifully styled and had absolutely everything we needed to make our stay perfect. If you’re looking for a beautiful, authentic, stylish, comfortable and reasonably priced apartment in Split then don’t look any further than Salvezani Apartments! We were sad we’d only stayed for four nights when we could have happily stayed a month! Head over to Salvezani Apartments Website for more information or to book your stay.

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