A Short But Sweet Four Days in Montenegro

We recently spent a very short but sweet four days in Montenegro. Before we arrived we hardly knew anything about this small country in the Balkans and didn’t mind that we only had four days as it was more time than anyone we know has spent there. The moment we crossed the border from Croatia we knew we’d made a mistake by booking only four days as Montenegro is drop dead gorgeous! We spent two nights in gorgeous Kotor where we hiked up the fortress and the mountain behind it. The fortress was incredibly impressive and the hike was amazing and offered the most gorgeous views of all of the Bay of Kotor! We got stuck in a torrential downpour of rain at the top of the mountain which saw the path turned into a stream and saw us hanging out with some mountain goats under shelter. I wish there was photographic evidence but it was literally raining cats and dogs and we didn’t want to risk drowning our nice DSLR camera, so we’ll just have to keep that as a memory. From Kotor we spent two nights at beautiful Budva staying at the luxurious Splendid Hotel where we had a mini “holiday from our holiday” and literally spent two days lying on the beach, swimming in the sea, eating excessive amounts of food and lounging by the pool between visits to the spa and sauna. We were bad tourists in Budva but after two months on the road we welcomed this relaxing break with open arms. On our final day in Montenegro we had a transfer from Budva to Sarajevo which took us through the very heart of Montenegro past Sveti Stefan and the beautiful coastline up through the mountains and along beautiful Tara Canyon and Lake Skadar. It was during this drive that we truly fell in love with Montenegro’s stunning, unspoilt natural beauty and without even discussing it we knew that we hadn’t truly experienced or ticked Montenegro off our bucket list. It is still firmly on the list and we can’t wait for the opportunity to return one day and give this gorgeous country the time it deserves! x

We know we barely scratched the surface on beautiful Montenegro and cannot wait to return and explore it properly. Is it on your travel bucket list? Let us know! x