Our Mykonos Photo Diary

By the time we arrived on Mykonos we had truly fell in love with the Greek islands after our two weeks soaking up sunshine and culture on Kos, Santorini and Paros. It is one of the most glamorous islands in Greece and has the reputation as the wild child of Greece with its party reputation! We has just two nights and spent most of our time relaxing by the pool at our hotel, the very beautiful Tharroe of Mykonos, exploring the whitewashed Cycladic streets, admiring the iconic Windmills, drinking cocktails and dining seaside at Little Venice, it was an unforgettable stay on an unforgettable island.

Mykonos WindmillsOne of my favourite places on the island was beautiful Little Venice, which was charming and only a few minutes walk down the hill from our hotel. It’s the perfect spot for cocktails and dinner!

Little Venice Mykonos
Little Venice MykonosLittle Venice MykonosCocktails at Little Venice MykonosMale having cocktails at Little Venice MykonosGirl having cocktails at Little Venice MykonosGirl having cocktails at Little Venice Mykonos

You can’t miss exploring the endless streets of Mykonos Town with their white washed walls and charming shops! There’s no wrong turns and you may even end up with a view like this of the stunning, iconic windmills!

Windmills MykonosMykonos TownMykonos TownMykonos TownMykonos Town

Our hotel, Tharroe of Mykonos was the perfect hotel for us. A luxurious, five star boutique hotel that has breathtaking views overlooking Mykonos Town, the Aegean Sea, the iconic Windmills and neighbouring islands, it is one of the best five star hotels on the island. We loved the pool which overlooked the island and sea, and was the perfect place for a few drinks and also sunset!

Cocktails at Tharroe of MykonosTharroe of MykonosTharroe of MykonosMykonos Town from Tharroe of MykonosMykonos Town from Tharroe of MykonosMykonos IslandShadow on MykonosGirl at Tharroe of Mykonos

The iconic windmills are a must visit! Next time we’d try to catch them at sunrise so we can enjoy them to ourselves, but at this point in our trip we were physically exhausted and enjoyed a bit of a sleep in!

Mykonos WindmillsCouple at Mykonos WindmillsMykonos Windmill

There’s endless places around the island to catch sunset and just like all the sunsets we caught while we were on the Greek islands, they were magical!

Sunset drinks at MykonosGirl having sunset drinks at Mykonos IslandsMykonos at DuskMykonos SunsetMykonos Town from water

Mykonos has no shortage of amazing dining options! I really don’t think you can go wrong with any Greek cuisine!

Dining in Mykonos TownMykonos Windmills by Night

On our second night, we watched the sunset with a bottle of wine from our hotel and it was truly beautiful.

Girl at sunset MykonosCouple at Sunset MykonosGirl watching sunset on Mykonos IslandSunset from Tharroe of MykonosSunset from Tharroe of Mykonos

Are the beautiful Greek Islands on your bucket list? x