Our Top 5 Dream Cruise Destinations

Cruising is one of my favourite ways to travel. It brings the world to you as you explore incredible new destinations from the comfort of your very own room! It’s so exciting to wake up in a new destination each day with exciting cities, remote villages, exotic locations and tropical islands to explore! The hardest part is deciding where to go on your cruising holiday and so we’ve teamed up with Planet Cruise to share our top 5 dream cruise destinations around the world

South Pacific Islands Cruise1. THE CARIBBEAN
The exotic islands of the Caribbean have been on our bucket list for as long as we can remember. They are a tropical paradise with unspoiled beaches, making them some of the most photographed islands in the world! The Caribbean truly brings postcard images to life and there are over 700 islands dotted throughout the Caribbean Sea! The combination of fresh, traditional cuisine, picture perfect sunsets, year-round perfect weather, magnificent beaches, adventure sports and an exciting history make them the ideal location for a cruise! Dan is excited by the pirate history whilst the picture perfect beaches and picturesque islands have me itching to book a Caribbean cruise!

Caribbean Island

ThereĀ are fewer places in the world that are as breathtakingly beautiful and captivating as Alaska. Cruising through Alaska allows you the opportunity to travel through glacier walls, sail alongside majestic creatures such as whales and explore its mesmerising, untouched landscapes. Everything in Alaska is different to the rest of the world – sunlight shines at midnight, animals outnumber people and nature has been left to run wild! A cruise is without a doubt the best way to explore all Alaska has to offer and it is a destination we cannot wait to tick off our bucket list!

Glacier in Alaska

Mediterranean cruises allow you to explore seaside villages, ancient civilisations and experience the grandeur of European cities. They will allow you to stand atop the Acropolis in Athens, wander the Colosseum in Rome, stroll the haunting streets of Pompeii, marvel at the walled city of Dubrovnik, explore the alluring canals of Venice as well as relaxing on the gorgeous Greek Islands! There’s no shortage of incredible places to visit along the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Istanbul and we think it would be a fantastic experience arriving in a new city and country every day ready to explore these amazing new destinations!

Blue Domes Oia Santorini

The South Pacific islands define tropical luxury and this incredible cluster of islands collectively make up one of the most desired travel destinations in the world. I was lucky enough to visit the South Pacific on a cruise when I graduated University with my best friends, we sailed for 14 nights and visited Vanuatu and New Caledonia and it was an unforgettable vacation in paradise! The Pacific Islands also include Hawaii, Bora Bora, Fiji and Tahiti, some of these are destinations we are considering for our honeymoon next year! The South Pacific is the ultimate paradise with swaying palms, tranquil, turquoise waters and endless tropical islands to explore.

Girls on South Pacific Island Cruise

Europe is one of the most diverse continents on Earth and is brimming with history, natural and architectural beauty and culture throughout its many countries. Travelling through Europe offers an incredible diversity of experiences and there is something for everyone no matter what style of travel you wish to have! We’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively through Europe as both backpackers and luxury travellers but a European River Cruise is an experience we are yet to tick off. I dream of slowly sail along the Danube, Seine, Rhone and Rhine Rivers, sipping on regional wines whilst enjoying local cuisine and taking in the incredible scenic views, an experience we will never forget.

European River Cruise in Germany

Where would you love to visit on a cruise?
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