A Long Weekend at Home in Beautiful Port Macquarie

We were lucky enough to have a long weekend within the first few months of arriving back in Australia and we tossed up between having a weekend away or spending our long weekend at home. We decided to spend the weekend at home enjoying our beautiful home town, Port Macquarie! Despite how many countries, cities, islands, towns and beaches we’ve visited during our travels, Port Macquarie is still my favourite place in the world. The weather really turned it on for us too with beautiful, sunny days, warm water and plenty of whales passing by!

Miners Beach Port MacquarieOur long weekend started at the beach (which was where we spent the majority of the weekend), with me taking a dip and Dan having a surf. He’s been loving surfing since we arrived back in Australia and surfs at least 4 times a week and I think he’s getting really good! He bought a surfboard a few weeks after he arrived and is well on his way to becoming a proper surfer dude!

Surfing Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie

After Dan’s surf we walked along the coastline from Shelley Beach to the Tacking Point Lighthouse and Lighthouse Beach. It is one of our favourite walks in Port Macquarie and sees you walk up and down hills, through the rainforest, along the beach and to many gorgeous lookout points. We were lucky enough to see a number of whales too along our walk. The whales have been incredibly active and playful this season and we’ve seen more of these majestic whales than ever before, they are truly incredible and we really feel so blessed to live here!

Miners Beach Walk Port Macquarie
Rainforest Walk Port Macquarie
Miners Beach Port Macquarie
Miners Beach Port Macquarie
Beautiful Water Miners Beach Port Macquarie
Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie from Lighthouse

After we’d worked up an appetite on our walk we had a delicious BBQ brunch at the beach, whilst we watched the whales contuining to play just off the shore!

Free BBQs Shelley Beach Port Macquarie
Boy using Free BBQs Shelley Beach Port Macquarie
Girl having beach BBQ Port Macquarie

Sunday began with a delicious smoothie bowl before another day of outdoor activities and adventures.

Smoothie Bowl

We then loaded up the car with our kayak and stand up paddle board and headed down the river. The weather was absolutely perfect again and we spent the day on the water, enjoying the sunshine.

Stand up Paddle boarding Port Macquarie
Kayak and Stand up Paddle boarding Port Macquarie

The Port Macquarie Hastings Council put on a moonlight cinema each night of the long weekend down at the Town Green, which is along the river. Storm Surfers, a surfing movie was playing and with Dan’s love of all things surfing we decided to go down and watch it. We packed a board game to keep us occupied until the movie, a picnic blanket and dinner, wine and a blanket! It was a lovely night out topped off by a gorgeous sunset!

Port Macquarie Hastings Council Moonlight Cinema
Sunset Port Macquarie
Sunset over river Port Macquarie
Sunset town green Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie Hastings Council Moonlight Cinema

We had a lovely sleep in on Monday which is usually the day of the week which we dread setting an alarm for! After a quiet morning at home we had a stroll along the beach, enjoying the sunshine!

Shelley Beach Port Macquarie

Luckily we’d left the boards on the car the day before beecause we headed down the coast to Lake Cathie for a paddle and spent a few hours exploring the lake on our kayak and SUP! It was so calm and the water was so beautiful and clear!

Lake Cathie
Stand up Paddle Board Port Macquarie
Lake Cathie
Lake Cathie
Stand up Paddleboarding on Lake Cathie

We then settled down on the shore for a picnic lunch before heading home to spend the afternoon relaxing before we had to go back to work the next day!

Picnic Port Macquarie

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world and although the traveller inside of both of us is always itching to get on a plane or go on a roadtrip, it was really nice to spend the weekend at home enjoying all our beautiful Port Macquarie has to offer!

Miners Beach Port Macquarie

How did you like to spend your long weekends?
Do you prefer to go away or stay local?