Living, Travelling and Surviving in a Remote Region

Dan and I aren’t city people, don’t get us wrong we love visiting cities but more often than not we get in, sightsee like crazy to visit all the main attractions and get out. We much prefer visiting remote regions which can include anywhere that is beautiful and not too busy! Some of our favourite holidays have included alpine escapes, gorgeous cabins in the mountains and escaping to the countryside. After these trips we always daydream and talk about moving to the middle of nowhere to start our lives living off the land and enjoying the peace, quiet and natural beauty of nature. Dan sometimes gets really carried away and whilst I am not a city person and there is a lot of things I’d love, there are still some things I would really miss if we lived in a remote region. We were inspired by the Flogas #IWouldMiss Campaign to share how we would survive in a remote region, what we’d miss, what we’d enjoy and also our favourite travel experiences in remote regions!

Girl Hiking in Scottish HiglandsHOW WOULD WE SURVIVE IN A REMOTE REGION?
Firstly you’d need to make sure you are living with someone you know really well and you can be sure you won’t drive each other crazy! Luckily Dan and I have lived together, travelled together and more often than not spend 24/7 with each other so I am sure we would be able to survive together in a remote region. We’d also be able to have more animals than we could if we were living in a more populated area! We’d have some animals such as chickens and cows that would produce milk and eggs, but we’d also love to have a horse or two and plenty of dogs for company!

Secondly we’d need the basic essentials, running water, food, first aid essentials, a phone in case of emergencies and of course electricity or gas for heating and cooking. A lot of people who live in the middle of nowhere, or ‘out in the sticks’ as we like to say use LPG Gas so we’d look into that or something similar to ensure our needs were met there.

Thirdly, we’d need to try and be as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible! Especially in terms of growing and producing a lot of our own food as a quick trip to the nearest supermarket will in most cases be a little tougher said than done!

Lastly – we’d simply not focus on ‘surviving’ but focus on the reasons why we chose to live in a remote region. Reasons such as escaping the daily grind and hustle and bustle of the city, to relax and enjoy a more simple life and enjoy nature in the beautiful, remote region of our choosing.

View of Snowdonia from Cottage in Wales
Snowdonia Mountain Range and Mt Snowdon Wales

I honestly don’t think Dan would miss too much at all! The only thing he would miss would be the surf if we didn’t live near the beach. I too would miss the beach but would also miss how easy it is to catch up with friends and family, go out for brunch and drinks and of course, the odd shopping trip! Obviously if we lived in a remote region it would be tough to do this and visiting a supermarket or even store wouldn’t always be an easy task and items would be a lot more expensive than living in a more populated area.

I know how bad it can be to spend too much time on the phone and internet and so I do like to switch off when I can but I would miss being able to check in with friends and family on facebook and post our adventures on Instagram and of course the blog! We’re not big watchers of TV though and so I don’t think we’d miss that at all, of course we love watching the odd movie but that is about it!

Port Macquarie Ocean Male Surfer Port Macquarie
Girl with wine at Beach House Port Macquarie

We’d love to grow a lot of our own food and try to be as self sufficient as possible. There’s nothing like eating fruit and vegies from your own garden! We’d also perhaps have cows for milk and chickens for eggs, to make sure we reach our protein target for the day!

As I mentioned above we would enjoy the peace, quiet and relaxation that comes with living in a remote region. Dan and I are both big fans of both walking and hiking and love spending as much time as possible outdoors and so would really enjoy living in nature and would truly make the most of our beautiful, natural environment and surroundings.

Couple Hiking on Amalfi Coast in Italy

Some of our favourite holidays have been when we’ve escaped from our jobs and headed into the countryside or simply just a remote region in a new country! Some of our favourite trips have been our road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, exploring the magical Scottish Highlands and experiencing one of the world’s best log cabins, staying in a gorgeous, homely cottage in the rugged Snowdonia region of North West Wales and of course exploring New Zealand on multiple trips, one of my favourites being our family holiday around New Zealand’s South Island in a motorhome!

Couple standing in front of Eagle Brae Log Cabin in Scotland
Interior of Log Cabin at Eagle Brae in Scotland

When we are travelling in remote regions we always plan ahead, ensure we have enough fuel in the car and stock up on supplies and food (and wine) in a supermarket before we head too far away from civilisation. We also advise telling someone your plans just so they have an idea of where you are, in the very unlikely event that something goes wrong or someone needs to get in touch with you. If we are travelling without a GPS we always try to plan our route and at least take screenshots of directions and or use a map to ensure we don’t get too lost! Although, sometimes those experiences are the best experiences and we’ve stumbled across beautiful places we didn’t even know existed by doing this.

Girl with hire car in Scotland

What would you miss if you live in a remote region? How would you survive?
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