The Osprey Meridian: The Complete Travel Package

I had a few luggage issues on my recent trip in Europe and found myself struggling to find a decent replacement as I dragged a suitcase with a broken wheel through the Balkans. Thankfully I reached out to Osprey in the UK and they were more than happy to arrange to have one of their amazing Meridian 75 suitcases sent to our hotel in Turkey. I’ve spent the last few months travelling with my Osprey Meridian 75 and can safely say that it is the best luggage I’ve ever had. Osprey’s mission is to create innovative high performance gear that reflects our love of adventure and our devotion to the outdoors, and their Meridian 75 ticks all the boxes and more!

Girl with Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage in Santorini

I haven’t always made the best choices when it has come to luggage for travelling. For my first few solo trips overseas as a teenager I took a hot pink suitcase, I then upgraded to an enormous backpack which saw me backpack through South East Asia, the US and South America. My backpacking days are now long behind me and whilst Dan insisted on travelling with a backpack for our recent Europe trip I bought myself a new suitcase which after a few months of being dragged around the cobblestoned streets of countless European cities saw me completely bust a wheel.

By this stage we had entered the Balkans and finding a good quality luggage store was an ordeal in itself. I reached out to Osprey in the UK in the hope that I could order and have a suitcase delivered to me. Finally luck was on my side and the staff at Osprey could not have been more helpful and arranged to have a Meridian 75 sent to our hotel in Turkey! It was a great day when my new bag arrived as I happily packed all my belongings into it and threw the suitcase with a busted wheel into the trash!

Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage ExteriorOsprey Meridian 75 Luggage Exterior

The Osprey Meridian is not only a stylish, great looking bag but also an incredibly practical luggage choice. It can be carried as a backpack and rolled like a suitcase and comes equipped with a removable 16L ventilated daypack, which is the perfect sized daypack. Whilst I mostly use my bag as a suitcase it is also very handy having the zipaway backpack harness which means I can easily turn the suitcase into a backpack if we’re travelling somewhere wheels can’t go! Unlike normal suitcases, the Meridian has a unique injection molded HighRoad™ chassis, consisting of an ABS polymer plastic for durability and using polyurethane wheels that as Osprey say, “eat tarmac for breakfast”! The wheels are high quality, sturdy and durable – perfect for cruising along the cobblestoned streets of Europe or dirt roads of Asia or South America.

Osprey have thought of everything with their Meridian, from their retractable ErgoGrip™ handle to their internal organisation options including a liquid pocket and dual mesh pockets to separate stinky, dirty clothes or shoes! As someone who works on the road, I also really appreciated the padded laptop sleeve and scratch-free zippered sunglasses and electronics pocket which is perfect for valuables and expensive electronics.

Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage InteriorOsprey Meridian 75 Luggage InteriorOsprey Meridian 75 Luggage InteriorOsprey Meridian 75 Luggage interiorOsprey Meridian 75 Luggage Chassis and WheelsOsprey Meridian 75 Luggage wheelsGirl with Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage as suitcaseGirl with Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage as suitcaseOsprey Meridian 75 LuggageGirl with Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage as backpackGirl with Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage as backpack

The Meridian 75 retails for £240 and in all our travels I have not come across better luggage, whether suitcase or backpack for that price that is such high quality. I’ve tested my bag through a couple of countries, wheeled it along cobblestoned streets, dragged it onto ferries and it has flown halfway across the world and it is still in as good condition as when I first received it.

Osprey’s travel products are some of the highest quality ones on the market and are ones that both Dan and I highly recommend and endorse. Dan travelled around South East Asia, India, Australia and South America with the same Osprey backpack over a period of three years and the only reason he upgraded was because we needed bigger bags. We also use a number of Osprey accessories when we travel and I have a feeling that my suitcase will last a long time (and that we’ll also buy Dan one now as he is quite jealous of just how good mine is)!

If you’re interested in checking out Osprey’s range head over to the Osprey Website or if you’re interested in purchasing the same luggage as mine then check out the Meridian 75 – you won’t regret it!

Girl with Osprey Meridian 75 Luggage in Santorini

Thanks to Osprey for saving literally saving my butt on our travels by sending me one of your FANTASTIC Meridian 75 bags!
Our opinions are as always, our own and as you would have realised by now my opinion of both Osprey and this pack are incredibly high.