West Coast Hammocks: The Ultimate in Luxury Hammocks

During our years living in the UK Dan would always talk about how he wanted to get a hammock when we moved to Australia. A few months after we landed back in Oz we started exploring the local area on camping trips and whilst I am more of a luxury traveller, I don’t mind the odd camping trip as long as we camp in comfort! I decided to surprise Dan with a hammock and did a lot of research into the various ones on the market before I stumbled across West Coast Hammocks on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous colours and designs of their premium quality, handmade luxury hammocks! Their mission is to supply Australia with the finest quality hammocks available and to¬†“preserve Australia’s laid back lifestyle.” In addition each hammock is hand crafted by skilled weavers from Thai hill tribes, resulting in one of the most comfortable and high quality hammocks available and also providing these villagers with much needed employment.

Male relaxing in West Coast HammocksI spent a long time on West Coast Hammock’s website trying to decide before I ordered the gorgeous SuperJumbo MonteVerdi Hammock. The SuperJumbo Hammock’s are an incredible, double hammock which comfortably fit two adults and can hold up to 250kg body weight, so you can probably fit the whole family in! We loved the jumbo size which allowed the two of us to comfortably relax in the hammock, both lying down and sitting in the hammock, and on our recent trip to beautiful Stradbroke Island we spent much of our week relaxing in our hammock!

Camping with West Coast Hammocks
Relaxing in West Coast Hammocks

In addition to the jumbo size, we LOVE how soft our hammock is and also that it is weather resistant, unlike many other hammocks! The weather resistance and softness is due to the unique acrylic yarn that is used to make the hammocks. Acrylic yarn doesn’t rot when it is exposed to the weather, like cotton does! It also has a life expectancy of 10+ years which is incredible for a hammock. Each hammock is hand crafted crochet style by a skilled Thai weaver with up to 4km of yarn! The end result is incredible, with the hammock moulding to the shape of your body and the thousands of loops allowing air to permeate through the material ensuring you stay nice and cool!

Acrylic yarn isn’t a typical hammock material but it is certainly one of the best! It is extremely strong, wonderfully soft, weather resistant and has deep, vibrant, beautiful colours. The gorgeous colours and beautiful design patterns of the hammocks made our decision about which hammock to choose incredibly difficult! We chose the MonteVerdi, which has beautiful, vibrant green and blue patterns and really fits well with our coastal lifestyle.

West Coast HammocksWest Coast HammocksMale relaxing in West Coast Hammocks

When investing in a West Coast hammock, in addition to getting a high quality, strong, soft, weather resistant, beautiful hammock, you are also supporting an organisation who has a positive social impact in the hill tribes of Thailand. The weavers of the hammocks are paid a fair wage and benefit from self-employment, rather than the back breaking work in the rice fields. There is also a management team in Thailand which includes a Swiss textile engineer who trains new weavers, supplies premium quality yarn, oversees quality assurance and creates new designs and products. What began with a few small rolls of yarn has developed into a business that now sells thousands of the highest quality hammocks every year which have been skillfully and artfully woven by over 150 weavers! The hammocks provide hours of comfort and relaxation for us, and much needed ethical employment for the weavers.

West Coast Hammocks are also official retailers for Ticket to The Moon Hammocks and Accessories, and we also ordered some of their Tree-Friendly Straps with our hammock. The straps are easy to use and allow for a quick set up and take down of our hammock. We really like that the straps don’t damage the bark of the trees from which we hang the hammock from and also offer excellent grip on smooth surfaces! I’m a very organised person and so I really liked that the straps came in their own little fabric bag which stops them from getting tangled up with our other camping gear and our lovely hammock! For an extra $25 it is so worth purchasing a pair of these high quality tree straps – it will truly make your hammock experience!

West Coast Hammocks Tree friendly strapsWest Coast Hammocks tree friendly strapsWest Coast Hammocks male putting up tree friendly straps

We absolutely love our hammock from West Coast Hammock Co. and have taken it on plenty of adventures over the last few months and it will certainly accompany us on all our future holidays and camping trips! It is such a comfortable, jumbo hammock and we love that it packs up into such a small bag which is perfect for travelling. Our hammock is made of the highest quality materials and is so soft and beautiful and I can’t believe we only paid $229 for such a high quality product which will last us for a very long time. We also love supporting businesses and organisations which are ethical and have a positive social impact and are very happy to have purchased our hammock from West Coast Hammocks! Whether you’re looking to add a hammock to your camping collection or simply for your backyard comfort and leisure then we can’t recommend West Coast Hammocks more highly!

Male relaxing in West Coast Hammocks
West Coast Hammocks
West Coast Hammocks
West Coast Hammocks
Girl relaxing in West Coast Hammocks
West Coast Hammocks

Do you also love nothing more than relaxing in a hammock?
If you do, but don’t have your own then be sure to check out West Coast Hammock Co.