Koala Mattress-In-a-Box: The Perfect Australian Mattress

In the latter part of last year I finally made the move back home to Australia after a few years gallivanting around the world and two years living in the UK. This time I bought Dan home with me. Luckily thanks to our awesome Aussie way of life, our seemingly endless summer, sunshine, surf and beaches it didn’t take much convincing to get him to move to the other side of the world. One of the things we were most looking forward to in Australia was getting our own place to settle down a little (don’t worry we will still be doing plenty of travelling) and making it our own! Our decor has been inspired by the many luxury hotels we’ve stayed at during our travels and the destinations we’ve visited. Whilst it is important for things to look nice, the most important thing is comfort and today we’re going to tell you all about Koala Mattress, the original mattress-in-a-box which is hands down the best mattress we’ve ever had and we loved it so much we wanted to share it with you!

Koala Mattress-In-a-Box: The Perfect Australian MattressWHY IS THE KOALA MATTRESS SO PERFECT?
Koala have literally re-invented the mattress! Their unique Kloud Comfort Layer has their famous Zero Disturbance Technology that you won’t find anywhere else! Combined with their lively base, your body weight is distributed evenly throughout the mattress ensuring you a blissful sleep every night of the year! Koala are so confident that you’ll fall in love with their mattresses that  in the event you aren’t getting the best sleep of your life, they will allow you to return your mattress in the first 120 days for a full refund!

We’ve very quickly fallen in love with our mattress and are sleeping like babies so we could be here all day telling you why Koala is the perfect Australian mattress but I’ll just sum up into the top reasons:

  1. Koala have literally re-invented a good night’s sleep. They’ve slept on and tested hundreds of mattresses in order to ensure their mattress gives you the best sleep, every single night.  You can read more about the quality of their materials on this Koala mattress analysis or this review.
  2. The mattress is made of two custom layers which together create the world’s most comfortable bedding technology in one mattress! They describe it as being “as close as you’ll get to sleeping on a cloud” and we can attest to this fact. Our mattress isn’t too soft and it isn’t too hard, it literally provides the perfect amount of firmness and softness all in one. It’s hard to describe just how right they have got it until you sleep on one of their mattresses for yourself.
  3. It is not too hot and not too cold. The Koala mattress has been designed specifically for the Australian climate promising it will be cool to touch in summer and cosy warm on winter nights. This was something that really grabbed our attention as there is nothing worse than trying to sleep in summer on those disgustingly hot nights!
  4. We also love their zero disturbance technology which means you won’t feel your partner tossing and turning or getting in and out of bed. This is important for us as I’m quite a restless sleeper and Dan is a light sleeper! He also starts work two hours earlier than me so he can get up of a morning feeling rested and also not wake me up!
  5. Our mattress is also ultra bouncy! Gone are the days of choosing between a rock hard mattress or a soft mattress that sinks under your weight! If you need any more convincing, you should visit Sleeping Guide’s review of Koala.

Koala Mattress-In-a-Box: The Perfect Australian Mattress

One of the biggest things that drew me to Koala in the first place was their mission which is not only to enhance the sleeping experience of Aussies, but also to protect the future of one of our national icons, the koala. So whenever you buy a Koala Mattress you are also adopting a real live koala in a partnership with the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie. The adoption helps with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and the Koala Hospital aims to return as many healthy koalas back into the wild as possible. In addition you will also be helping to preserve and expand the koala’s natural habitat whilst supporting research that relates to habitat, diseases and the behaviour of koalas. You’ll even receive an official certificate of adoption for your koala! If you are planning a visit to Port Macquarie the Koala Hospital is open daily and there is guided tours each day if you want to learn more about the work they do.

Port Macquarie Koala HospitalPort Macquarie Koala HospitalPort Macquarie Koala HospitalPort Macquarie Koala HospitalPort Macquarie Koala Hospital Guided Tour

I know the Koala Hospital really well and the work that they do as I grew up in beautiful Port Macquarie and recently moved back with Dan when we returned from the UK. Port Macquarie has the largest population of koalas on the East Coast of Australia. We’re so lucky to live among koalas and see them as part of our everyday! Dan still pinches himself a little every time we see one as in the UK they obviously don’t have koalas! This photo was taken a few weeks after we arrived back in Australia and this koala came strolling past our house!

Man with koala

I’m the sort of person who reads reviews on everything before I buy or book anything. I hate being given sales pitches as I’m not good at saying no and find salesmen really pushy. I read a lot of reviews about a lot of mattresses before I committed to purchasing our Koala mattress. In all my research I didn’t come across a simple negative review of Koala and every review I read from customers, online articles and CHOICE magazine was positive and sang praises of the company and mattresses. I’m happy to say they didn’t lie and here I am happily writing an article about JUST HOW GOOD Koala mattresses are so hopefully everyone will know!

I like that Koala cut out the salesmen, the showrooms and all the additional charges which more often than not leads to highly inflated retail costs. Koala cuts this out by designing, making, selling and delivering the mattress directly to you at a fraction of the price. We paid $950 for our Queen sized Koala mattress and I can honestly say that every dollar was well spent. It has been almost a month since we received our mattress and we’ve literally never slept better! Dan is a tradesman and sometimes gets a sore back after a big day at work but even he has said that the mattress has made a huge difference and he hasn’t had a sore back at all.

We’ve raved almost non-stop about how comfortable the mattress is since we started sleeping on it, so much so that my parents purchased one for themselves last week! Their current mattress is only a few years old and it was the “top of the line” mattress when they purchased it, costing them over $3,000 at a local store. My parents are both very healthy, active and fit but neither sleep well and complain of sore backs and their uncomfortable mattress. I’m really excited to hear how they find their Koala mattress once they put it on their bed this weekend and will update this post when they do to let you all know how they find it!

Unfortunately these days it is quite rare to find anything that is Australian made. I love that Koala’s mattresses are Australian made. Koala do so as it makes more jobs for Aussies and also allows them full control over the quality of the mattresses!

Koala Mattress Sales Process

Delivery of the mattresses is free Australia wide and if you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide then your Koala mattress will arrive on your doorstep within 4 hours (as long as you order before 2pm on a weekday)! If you live outside these metro areas (like us) then delivery can take 1-5 business days! Ours only took 2 days and we were provided with SMS updates the entire time so we knew when our Koala mattress was on its way.

Girl with Koala Mattress-In-a-Box

It literally couldn’t have been more simple to set up our mattress. We unboxed the rolled up mattress, cut off the plastic using the special unwrapping tool and unrolled our mattress! You can sleep on them straight away but we left ours overnight as we were in the process of moving and hadn’t set up our furniture yet. It was pretty impressive to see the size of the mattress when we opened it considering how it was wrapped up in the box.

Instructions how to set up Koala MattressKoala mattress rolled upUnwrapping Koala Mattress

The next day we moved in all of our furniture and our mattress fit perfectly on our new bed. We’d purchased new furniture as we’d been living with my parents since we arrived back in Australia. I was really excited to purchase really good quality furniture and items that I know will last us a long time (and also look great) and to finally see them all set up. I am so happy that we also purchased our mattress from Koala, it is of such high quality but was also at a price that we were happy to pay (and didn’t break the bank)!

Koala Mattress on bedKoala MattressKoala Toy on Koala MattressGirl relaxing on Koala Mattress

We live on a really quiet street and have no neighbours across the street, just nature reserve. I love relaxing on our bed, looking out at the lovely views and listening to all the native birds that live in our trees. Our room is still a work in progress as I am waiting for a few canvases I have ordered to arrive. We’ve ordered canvases with some of our favourite travel photos of the Cinque Terre in Italy and the Greek Islands for our bedroom and I can’t wait for them to arrive. Until then we’ve got a lovely print I picked up in Italy a few years ago hanging above our bed. I am in love with our bedding, furniture and accessories which really tie in well with the coastal luxe decor I am going for. I find our bedroom an oasis of relaxation and tranquility where I love spending time both during the day and of an evening. Oh and I really struggle to get up and off the bed when I need to, whether it is in the morning or during the day as it is SO ridiculously comfortable!

Coastal luxe bedroom decorCoastal luxe bedroom decorCoastal luxe bedroom decorKoala Mattress

One month in and we are absolutely in love with our mattress (if you can’t already tell). Sleep is such an important part of our lives to ensure we are healthy, productive and most importantly, happy! We are so happy in our new house and are sleeping soundly and blissfully every single night. We’re Koala converts and over the last month have pretty much told everyone we know about them, and now we are telling you guys!

So if you are in the market for a new mattress and are considering purchasing a Koala (which we highly recommend) make sure you take advantage of their Refer a friend program where by using my referral code you will get $100 off your purchase when you check out and we will get a $50 gift card… it really is a win win!

Head over to Koala Mattress to find out more about their perfect Australian Mattress!
Koala Mattress: The Perfect Australian Mattress