10 Reasons to go on Honeymoon to Iceland (in winter)

While most people choose sunkissed tropical locations for their honeymoon, we decided to do things differently and choose Iceland in winter. Did we have any regrets? Nope! It was an adventure of a lifetime. As adventure lovers, we found Iceland a beautiful blend of activities that got our adrenaline pumping as well as the perfect idyllic paradise to relax. Since the days were short, we finished our outdoor activities early and used the evenings to wind down, have a glass of wine or two and cuddle up near the fireplace/heater. We were blessed to have one accommodation which even had a hot tub! Here are 10 reasons why you should go on your honeymoon to Iceland in winter.

Northern Lights Iceland Winter1. NORTHERN LIGHTS
This is a no brainer, but the biggest advantage of going to Iceland in winter is the northern lights! The mysterious dancing lights which are better known as the Aurora Borealis, are the outcome of collisions between particles in our planet’s atmosphere with particles released from the sun. The effect is simply breathtaking and will undoubtedly make your honeymoon extra special.

Northern Lights Iceland Aurora Borealis Iceland

The volcanic activity in Iceland has created heated pools which led to the Icelandic tradition of bathing outdoors. A soak in these will soothe the sore muscles and the lucky few will have the pleasure of watching the Aurora Borealis whilst in these heated pools! If the famous blue lagoon is not within your budget, there are tons of other geothermal pools in Iceland to choose from. Some of these are natural while the others are man made. They are scattered across the country, so you will never be too far from one.

Myvatn Nature Bath Iceland

Whenever we looked at those overcrowded beach pictures or cruises where you bet you will rub shoulders with tons of people, we instantly knew that’s not the kind of holiday we wanted for our honeymoon. The concept of Iceland in winter might put off some people but if you live in a overcrowded city like us and crave isolation, Iceland is heaven. For miles around there will be no one except you and your sweetheart.

Iceland Landscape in Winter Siddharth & Shruti Iceland Honeymoon

Since most of Iceland lives on the coast, no points for guessing that seafood is their staple diet. In our opinion we had the best fish in the tiniest fishing villages. We still can’t get over the langoustines in Höfn. On the way to Víðidalstunga, we stopped at a small diner quite late at night. The owner not just made sure we were served hot food, we had the most delicately flavoured fresh salmon. They also have a delicacy called Rotten Shark, which is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Iceland stood out as a destination worth considering not just for the northern lights but also the terrain. There are lava caves as well as ice caves. Geysers, volcanoes , glaciers, waterfalls, the contrasting beauty of the land is unbelievable. While Iceland is not the cheapest destination, the parks, waterfalls and outdoor attractions like the geysers are not charged. You can visit all the waterfalls you want without breaking the bank.

Geothermal Activity iceland Geyser IcelandIceland waterfall in winter

Iceland does not have public transport, but the Ring Road is a such an amazing road trip, that we couldn’t care less that there are no trains. The road runs along the coast and is well maintained. Even in winter most of it is fairly easy to drive on. It is paved and marked properly. Other than a few rough patches of no internet, we have no issue with google maps. Download offline maps while crossing through the mountains and the towns are not very close to each other which means you need to fill up on gas when you can. One thing that surprised us on this road trip was that Icelandic gas stations have sit down restaurants! Don’t want to eat a cold sandwich, take a pit stop and have hot food and coffee refills.

Siddharth & Shruti Roadtrip in Iceland Winter

Honestly, this was not the reason why we chose Iceland even though we are big Game of Thrones fans (but we cannot deny that this was a fabulous perk)! We visited Dimmuborgir rocks where the wildling camp was shot. Þingvellir national park where Arya and the Hound take their journey was almost unrecognizable in winter. Although it did not look like what it was in the show, it looked like a winter wonderland and is a great place for a hike. We did attempt to reach the famous Grjotagja cave where Jon and Ygritte had their love scene. Unfortunately it is difficult to climb in winter and we opted not to go without a local but if you are going in summer, it is definitely reachable and in winter, it is best done with a guide.

Game of Thrones Scene Iceland

While you might mistake these for a pony, Icelandic horses is a unique breed of smallish horses. They are super friendly and cute, and we found some on a road near the black beach and had to stop to pet them. If you want to learn riding, there are many riding schools across the country.

Icelandic Horses

Caves in Iceland are a part of Icelandic history. Ice caves in Iceland can only be visited in winter. A fair warning though, since it is time sensitive and popular it is pre-booked in advance which meant we couldn’t get through the dates we wanted for crystal cave. With dozens of volcanoes, lava cave have formed underneath the surface. Ever wanted to journey to the center of the earth? You can!

Iceland caves

Another byproduct of volcanoes, is black sand, which originates from the basalt lava. Reynisfjara is one of the most well known black beaches in south Iceland. In our quest for hidden gems, we did find a lesser known beach in Vik. Unlike Reynisfjara which is a pebbled beach, this had soft black sand.

Black Sand Beach Iceland

These are only the top 10 reasons why we suggest you go for a honeymoon to Iceland. Iceland became one of our favourite places on this planet and we are sure that you will love it just as much.

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