The Best Places in Europe to see Spring Flowers

Spring is well and truly on its way in the UK and Europe and those memories of the ‘Beast from the East‘, seemingly endless snow and scraping ice off your car windscreen will soon be long gone. One of my favourite memories from living in England was at the end of each winter, when the daffodils would start to bloom everywhere you looked. It was a sign that spring really was just around the corner! Seeing spring flowers bloom is one of the best ways to banish winter blues and thankfully, the UK and Europe are home to some of the most magical spring flowers! Here are some of our favourite places to get a good dose of spring blooms!

Visiting Tulips in Holland

Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers and Holland’s tulips are some of the most famous in the world. From the end of March until Mid May you’ll be lost for words as you experience these magical, striped fields of colour! You can see the famous tulips all throughout the countryside, but the most famous is Keukenhof Park, which is home to more than 7 million flowers!

Tulips in Holland by lake Field of colourful Tulips Holland Tulip Field in Holland

Poppies have such a significant meaning for so many and it is very moving to see a field full of beautiful red poppies. Northern France and Tuscany bloom from April through May, blanketing the rolling countrysides in red. One of the most iconic places to see the famous poppies is Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site south of Siena. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to visit Tuscany and indulge in the regional cuisine!

PoppiesField of Poppies at Sunset

As I mentioned, in England, you know that Spring is just around the corner as soon as the beautiful, bright daffodils start to pop up everywhere! My favourite flowers in the UK, were however the bluebells which often bloom between April and May. Bluebells aren’t fussy and pop up in places all over the UK. We lived in Surrey, right on the border with West Sussex and were blessed with fields and woodlands of bluebells all around us. Wandering through woodlands into a carpet of bluebells is truly magical and a highlight of any springtime stroll in the countryside.

Carpet of Blue BellsBluebell Forest England

Long before the sunflowers and fields of lavender bloom, Europe comes to life with wildflowers during the spring months! The coastlines, islands, fields and mountaintops are alight with colours. Our top picks for Spring wildflowers are the islands of the Mediterranean, in particular, Crete and Paros to the Algarve in Portugal, and through charming Provence into the alpine regions of central Europe. There’s nothing like spring wildflowers blooming along the coastline or popping up in the still snow-covered mountains. Spring is also a perfect time for hiking in many European countries, and the weather conditions and scenery really don’t get much better than this!

Spring flowers by the sea Spring flowers in countryside Alpine mountains with spring flowers

It might surprise a lot of people, but London is actually considered to be one of the greenest cities in the world! Spring is such a wonderful time of the year in London as the whole city blooms! From London’s many beautiful parks, to its charming neighborhoods with flower-covered townhouses and flowers popping up in front of major sites such as St Paul’s and Big Ben, you won’t have to look too far for beautiful blooms (and Instagram worthy shots)! Londoners are blessed with daffodils, cherry blossoms, tulips, crocuses, wisteria, magnolias and bluebells just to name a few! I also loved shopping at London’s many markets during Spring, and would always pick up a big bunch of beautiful tulips to take home with me!

If you’re heading to London during Spring then we recommend checking out the Grand Royale Hotel London or the Park Grand London for your stay in this beautiful city!

Cherry Blossoms St Pauls Cathedral Tulips at market Daffodils Big Ben London

Where are your favourite places to visit during Spring?

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