The Maldives: Heaven on Earth

The Maldives is a dream destination for many and honeymooning there was even better than I could have ever imagined. We’ve shared our experiences arriving by seaplane, our incredible overwater bungalow and the incredible bars and restaurants on the island, but now we just wanted to show you of our favourite places around the island which truly make the Maldives heaven on earth! I’ve never seen this many shades of blue before and I can’t imagine anyone would ever tire of the endless blues that surround you, which change everyday with the weather conditions but are always spectacular!

Walkway over water LUX Maldives One of my favourite places on the island was the walkway to our overwater bungalow. Everyday the water seemed to be a different shade of blue and was always teeming with colourful fish!

Water Villas Maldives Water Maldives View of water villas LUX MaldivesOverwater Bungalows in Maldives Stunning water LUX Maldives Palm tree over water in Maldives LUX Island Maldives from Water villasOverwater restaurant Maldives

Our bungalow itself was the epitome of barefoot luxury. We were so glad we had splurged and booked a villa with a private infinity pool and spent hours each day relaxing in the pool, reading our books and sunbaking on our deck in complete privacy. The views from our pool and deck were breathtaking (and I have about a million photos to prove it)!

Crystal clear water LUX Maldives Girl sitting on edge private Infinity Pool LUX MaldivesMaldives blue sea

On low tide, beautiful sandbars would appear and we loved swimming out to them and watching the seaplanes arrive and take off! I honestly think seaplane pilots have one of the best jobs in the world!

Simone walking on sandbar in MaldivesDan jumping on sand bar in MaldivesBeautiful sandbar in MaldivesCouple on Honeymoon at LUX MaldivesSimone sitting on sandbank in Maldives Dan watching sea plane take off MaldivesSeaplane LUX MaldivesSeaplane Maldives Simone swimming in MaldivesOverwater restaurant LUX Maldives

LUX has one of those dreamy water hammocks which we couldn’t get enough of! Depending on the tide the hammock would be floating in the water or quite high above it. Hammocks are relaxing at the best of times, but if you haven’t tried a water hammock – trust me, you need to!

Simone in Hammock in water Maldives Hammock in water at LUX Maldives Dan relaxing in Hammock Maldives Hammock in Water Maldives

A great deal of our day also involved hopping from one beach bar to another, working our way through the cocktail menu and indulging on amazing food at the restaurants and bars on the island.

Lagoon Bar LUX Maldives BeachRelaxing at Beach LUX Maldives

We loved the palm tree which hung over the water and the charming seat dangling from it! While Dan climbed it like a monkey, I could have relaxed in the swing seat all day! It is the perfect height to dip your toes in the water.

Dan on palm tree over water in Maldives Simone in palm tree chair Maldives

If you’re visiting LUX* make sure you find the water swings too! Note that they’re a little harder then they look to get on…

Everywhere you look at LUX* there are hidden spots to relax, the most stunning water I’ve ever seen and beauty all around! It’s the ultimate tropical paradise.

Crystal clear water at LUX Maldives Love Nest on Beach LUX Maldives Infinity Pool LUX MaldivesGirl walking on beach LUX MaldivesNet over water at Beach Rouge LUX Maldives Couple in net over water Maldives Turquoise water Maldives Couple at Beach Rouge MaldivesIncredible water at LUX Maldives

At the end of each day, with (more) cocktails in hand we would watch the sunset from one of our favourite sunset spots on the island. Life in the Maldives is tough…

Our stay at LUX* South Ari Atoll¬†was worth every cent and we’re counting down the days until we can return!

Infinity Pool Senses LUX Maldives

Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited? x