10 Reasons to go on Honeymoon to Spain

France, Italy, and Spain are the triumvirate European countries which are the favorite destinations of tourists from every corner of the globe. Naturally, they are also the preferred backdrops for love struck honeymooners, and while France is lauded as the country of love by default, Spain is definitely the mise en scène you should be obsessed with; if you are not sure why, here are 10 reasons to go on your honeymoon in Spain.

The fortified urbanity of Toledo, with a castle on top, has a dreamlike quality to it. The decidedly Mediterranean appeal of this location can easily be the most awe-inspiring honeymoon hub. The winding cobblestone paths, littered with irresistible restaurants within the ancient walls of this city, are the epitome of chic-romantic. It is easy to get wrapped up in the alluring attributes of Toledo itself, but don’t miss out on the surrounding topography and romantic sunsets as well.

Toledo at Sunset

Just off the northern coast of Africa lies the mini archipelago of seven islands known as the Canaries. These nuggets of land, hidden away among the turquoise waves of the Atlantic, are a dream location for many honeymooners. You just need to glance at the Maspalomas Dunes to see why – they have a remarkably diverse topography and biomes which boast sand dunes, lush forests and volcanic slopes. They are a natural spectacle if there ever was one. Tenerife is by far the most popular of seven islands for love birds.

Maspalomas Dunes Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Andalucía is probably the picture-perfect honeymoon location – a stretch of land that appears to have sprung straight out of a fairy tale. Head to Granada, Malaga, Seville and finally end your journey on the coast of Cadiz and enjoy the enthralling nights of wine, flamenco, gypsies, matadors and tapas. Every inch of this region is simply unforgettable. Make sure to go on a tour of faraway villages, like Alpujarra, with your loved one. The best weather to roam around this region is between June and September.

Andalucía at Sunset Spain Andalucía

Of course, if you and your loved one are bona fide adventurists, you can mix things up a bit by embarking on an adventure between San Sebastian on the coast of Pacific and Figueres near the coast of the Mediterranean. The vast mountainsides of the national park that separates France and Spain are littered with picturesque lodges which are a perfect resting place for you and your loved one after a day of hiking. You can end your trip with a stay in Figueres, the home of the awe-inspiring Dali museum.

Donostia- San Sebastian Dali museum

Here’s an insider tip – no matter what sort of honeymoon setup you and your better half decide to “purchase”, avoid the hectic backdrop of big cities. You need the expansive landscapes of Andalucía and overwhelmingly romantic houses on the slopes of the Pyrenees. Having stated that, it would be an absolute crazy to go on a honeymoon in Spain without visiting the incredible city of Barcelona, at least for a few days!

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Barcelona Fountain

Still, if you are an urban couple that enjoys some dynamic nightlife with a pinch of socio-economic diversity, you should definitely take an entire day of your schedule to have a wild adventure in Madrid. This hectic metropolis is a crazy assembly of typical Spaniard architecture of warm, organic hues combined with neon glazed sense of pulsating rhythm that is characteristic of metropolises such as Hong Kong and New York City. It is absolutely amazing place for cosmopolitan couples that like Madrid’s eclectic mix of high culture and basic instincts.


A Balearic island of exquisite beauty, Mallorca is the “old world’s” favorite destination for honeymooners. It belongs to a group of Mediterranean islands that is not only a prestigious destination by default but it is also a gorgeous set of sea-bound landscapes that is hardly comparable to anything else in the world. For physically active couples, it is the ultimate playground for cycling adventures and sandy escapades with Roman and Moorish ruins in the background.

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Caló des Moro Mallorca

Of course, one cannot mention Balearic islands in terms of honeymoon without discussing Ibiza, the incredible island paradise that most newlyweds around the world dream visiting. Over fifty glamorous, distinctive beaches can be found on its shores, and it is known as the backdrop for some of the most insane parties one can imagine. Still, in spite of this “nightclub” potential of Ibiza, it can also be seen simply as an assembly of bucolic villages and incredible rock-laden sites.


If one takes just a few glances at the online photos of Seville, it becomes quite apparent why it is such an incredible backdrop for a honeymoon. It is, in so many ways, the most romantic city in Spain that looks like a dreamscape from a fairytale. Fountain filled plazas, ornate squares, and narrow streets under the hot Mediterranean sun are only some of the superficial appeals of this city. With your loved one by your side, you can see countless beautiful sunsets, marvel at the masterful architecture, and get “drunk” on the scents of the city.

Plaza de Espana

If you want to introduce yourself and your loved one to all the intriguing faces of Spain, head straight to Ávila, especially after you have visited Barcelona and Madrid. It is unique, ancient urbanity known as the “Town of Stones and Saints”. It represents more spiritual, church-oriented side of Spain with its Gothic churches and Romanesque architecture. Still, it is as spectacular town as they come, and it is positively steeped in the atmosphere of mystique and serenity at the same time. A weekend in this town can truly leave an impression and make you thirsty for more after you embark on the rest of your trip.

Castilla y Leon, AvilaSiera de Gredos, Avila

The Iberian Peninsula is like a fantasy land of its own – an isolated fragment of the Planet Earth that boasts its own unique set of epic landscapes, captivating cities and incredible sites. As a honeymoon backdrop, Spain has all the hallmarks of a perfect destination – it is warm, relaxed, and yet, at the same, it is time filled with exciting opportunities and open-minded people. The hot mixture of colors that overwhelm its every corner lends itself well to the idea of passion and positivity that should be on the mind of all newlyweds.

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