Meet Joe, Our German Shepherd Rescue Dog

A few months ago our family of two became a family of three. We adopted Joe, a beautiful German Shepherd rescue dog. We are both dog lovers and have been wanting to get a dog since we moved back to Australia but were waiting until we’d purchased and moved into our own home. We became home owners in March and Joe joined our family in July.

Joe the German ShepherdJoe came from an older couple in a nearby town who just didn’t have the time to give him. He is also quite a big dog and I think they were struggling to control him as he’s very strong (and weighs a whopping 40kg)! We adopted him through the NSW German Shepherd Rescue who try their best to find wonderful homes for German Shepherd dogs in pounds and also ones that need rehoming for various reasons.

The hardest part of the whole process for us was seeing all the beautiful dogs that are in need of homes. This is why we would never get a puppy from a breeder and will always adopt rescue dogs.

My parents and grandparents always had German Shepherd dogs when I was younger and so I am used to the breed. My brother also has a beautiful black shepherd and it was true love when the two boys met for the first time! We’ll share these photos in another post shortly.

Joe has very quickly settled into life with us and made himself at home. He’s very gentle, excitable, loves soft toys and is very ‘chatty’ like so many shepherds. He has basic training and so we have a lot more to do with him, but he is a good boy and I think he will fit in well to our relaxed lifestyle.

The Aussie Flashpacker has always been a place where we’ve shared our life, travels and adventures both over overseas and at home. So while this is not travel related, it’s a next adventure for us and we can’t wait to share more of our beautiful boy with you all! We love him so much already!

Have you got a fur baby at home? Would you ever consider adopting a rescue dog?