Ten Cool and Quirky Places to Visit in London

London is famous for many reasons and has an incredible range of things to see and do! Here are ten unique, hidden gems will take you off the beaten track in a city that is bursting with weird and wonderful attractions.

London Oxford Street
This absolute beauty of a performance space delivers on both style and substance. As you walk towards it, you feel as if you have been immediately transported to a different world. The front of the hall itself is made from five different Victorian house-fronts and features old gas lamps alongside flower baskets and charmingly shabby peeling paint. In recent years it has been restored to a fully functioning theatre, putting on a mixture of plays, dance pieces and musical performances, all carefully picked and curated from the best of London’s unheard-of talent.


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We’re cheating a little here, as this has become one of the most famous places to visit in London, but it still makes the list because there are so many hidden wonders. This is a place known for its edgy style (the likes of Noel Fielding live there), alternative music scene, independent market shops and incredible food – and yes, a lot of it is vegan, vegetarian and experimental. Temple of Seitan is a brilliant vegan fast-food restaurant, with fried ‘chicken’ and burgers all made from vegan seitan, as well as a range of plant-based desserts. Definitely worth a visit whether you eat meat or not.


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Located in Trafalgar Square is what is said to be the smallest police station in London (and the UK, and perhaps even the world)! This small police station is located inside a hollowed out lamppost and is apparently big enough to hold two prisoners at a time, however its main purpose was to hold a single police officer who would keep an eye on demonstrations in the square!


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On first glance the bridge by the Thousand Pond Pool in Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath looks completely normal, however have a look from the side and you’ll see that it is fake! This strange, fake bridge was built in the mid 1700s, when the land was owned by the first Earl of Mansfield.


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There’s no better place to start our list of the most colourful places in London, then Neal’s Yard! Neal’s Yard would have to be one of London’s most wonderful hidden gems that is tucked away in a charming side street, not far from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden! Neal’s Yard is a colourful square with boutique shops, hairdressers and healthy cafes and juice bars! If you need to improve your day, then pop into Neal’s Yard and your day will instantly be brighter!


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A unique dining experience that aims to encourage participants to re-evaluate their approach to eating. At Dans le Noir? you eat in complete darkness, so it’s the taste, smell and texture of the food on which you focus. Before being led into the pitch-black basement by the restaurant’s blind waiters, you select one of four colour-coded mystery menus. While you won’t actually see anything – it’s an unqiue experience you’ll be talking about for ages.


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Ever wondered what it would be like to sleep over at the Zoo? Well at London Zoo, you can sleep next to the lion enclosure! Meals are included and you can enjoy a guided tour of the zoo after hours as you experience a stay at Gir Lion Lodge! It is a once in a lifetime experience.


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We don’t know if there is a more quirky way to experience the Thames than kayaking down it on a black and white cow print kayak! Moo Canoes let’s you experience London’s waterways from your very own cow print kayak, and ends with a meal at a fantastic riverside restaurant!


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Admittedly, you’ll have to travel a little way out of the City itself for this one, but it’s well worth it. Horse racing is one of the most popular spectator sports in the UK and Ascot is one of the most famous racecourses. There are other events to go to but Royal Ascot gives you the most quintessentially ‘British’ feel. It’s also the most valuable meet, with the UK’s finest racehorses competing for more than £7.3 million prize money. Oddschecker can help you find the information you need if you want to make each race something you’re truly invested in. That said, with a royal procession and set dress code, this one of the most upmarket (and coolest) events you could attend and there’s plenty to keep you entertained! 


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If you like a museum and are looking for a quirky one, then try taking a trip to this creepily ingenious gallery. There is an unofficial rule in the clowning community that no two artists are allowed the same makeup and this gallery displays the variety of looks that have come out of that rule. A practice version was painted onto eggs (originally real, but later substituted for ceramic ones) and this museum houses over 200 of them. Not for those who frighten easily, but easily one of the most entertaining places you will ever visit – and you’ll definitely have a story to tell afterwards.


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Wherever you choose to visit, it is likely that you will find your own secret spots of joy in London. If in doubt, ask the locals – they always know the best places to go where there aren’t a lot of tourists and usually know how to get there for the cheapest price too! Keep an open mind and you may find one of your favourite places or experiences in London.

What unique, quirky places do you love in London? x