Experiencing new countries through their cuisine

People travel for many different reasons, and for many it is the pure love of experiencing new foods! One of the best ways to experience a new culture is through the local food. Food is a huge part of the culture of a country and to us, one of the most memorable parts of our travels is trying local foods, from street level, to family owned restaurants and all the way to top end restaurants. Our travels have taken us on adventures through six continents and along the way our taste buds have developed as we’ve indulged in the incredible local cuisines of the countries we have visited. Here is a roundup of some of our favourite cuisines from around the world, some of which I am sure are yours too!

Seafood Pasta in VeniceSRI LANKAN
Sri Lanka, the beautiful island once called Ceylon, has a rich combination of cuisines. Over it’s history, so many countries have visited, traded and left their mark on this island nation. Colonisation and influences from other countries have helped Sri Lanka to develop its own wonderful cuisine which is focused around rice, coconut, fish, curries and spices!

We visited Sri Lanka on our honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with Sri Lankan cuisine. Our favourite foodie experiences were taking part in a cooking class in Ella and indulging in the most flavoursome food on our Udawalawe safari!

Sri Lankan curry

The Mediterranean diet is renown for being one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and nothing beats eating it in the heart of the Med, Greece! Mealtimes in Greece are a social affair and the Greeks don’t just eat to live, they live to eat! Bread, wine, olive oil, fish and vegetables are the pillars of Greek cuisine, and they pride themselves in eating seasonally and nothing beats unprocessed, homemade Greek food.

We spent three weeks travelling around Athens and the Greek Islands and our days revolved around sightseeing and mealtimes. We miss our daily meals of fresh grilled fish, bread with olive oil, moussaka and Greek salads!

Greek Salad

Moroccan food is incredibly diverse, colourful and flavoursome. The cuisine is so diverse thanks to influences from other cultures and nations over thousands of years, including Berber, Moorish, Arab, Jewish and Mediterranean cultures. Spices feature extensively in Moroccan cooking and these flavour combinations make the food unforgettable!

Morocco holds a special place in our hearts as it was Dan and my first proper holiday together! We spent 10 days eating our way around Morocco and falling more and more in love with the country, tagines, mint tea and spices everyday! We also took part in a cooking class where we were able to learn a few tricks of Moroccan cooking that we could bring home with us!

Tagine Morocco

Turkish cuisine is largely of Ottoman descent and is a delicious fusion of Asian and European influences, thanks to its location between the two continents! Like other Mediterranean countries, the cuisine is rich in vegetables, herbs, seafood, meat and olive oil. Meats grilled over charcoal are popular, along with Turkish coffee and finished off with delicious baklava and authentic Turkish delight!

We spent three weeks travelling through Turkey with Neyzen Travel and were so lucky to have a guide who loved food (like us)! She was so passionate about food and ensured we tried as many of the local dishes as possible, all of which were mouthwateringly good. We then spent a week sailing the Turkish coast on a luxurious gulet where we were again treated to the very best of Turkish cuisine. I honestly don’t think we were hungry once during our time in Turkey!

Dinner Sailing in Turkey

Thai cuisine is a lovely balance of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy! Each of Thailand’s regions have their own cooking styles, flavours and dishes and it is a fantastic experience to try local foods in the different parts of the country during your travels. Rice is an integral part of every meal, and visitors will fall in love the flavours of the curries, noodle dishes, seafood and of course, tropical fruits which grow in abundance in Thailand. Street food in Thailand is incredible, and has some of the most amazing flavour combinations we’ve ever eaten!

We’ve visited Thailand on a number of holidays and this country holds a special place in our hearts. At home, we often crave Thai cuisine and regularly order takeaway through Deliveroo, which helps us to enjoy a taste of Thailand in the comfort of our home!

Street Food in Thailand

Last but not least is my favourite cuisine of all – Italian! I would move to Italy in a heartbeat, but would be the size of a house in a very short time with the amount of delicious food I would feast on! As a Mediterranean country, Italians are similar to the Greeks in many ways. Cooking and sharing food is a way of life and meals are always based around fresh, seasonal produce. Italian food varies extensively by region and season and Italians pride themselves in simplistic cooking, using just a few simple ingredients. Italian dishes are often deeply rooted in the culture and passed down between generations. Olive oil, pasta, pizza, olives, antipasti, seafood, tomatoes, fresh vegetables, cheese, wine and coffee are staples of the Italian cuisine.

On our multiple trips to Italy we’ve dined in Michelin starred restaurants, eaten in charming family-run trattorias, taken cooking classes, joined food tours and picked up pizzas from street vendors. All of these experiences with Italian cuisine have just left us wanting more!


What are your favourite cuisines? x