A Healthy Travel Guide to Melbourne

If you’re coming to Melbourne with the intention of either maintaining or boosting your health, you’ve chosen well. Melbourne is absolutely full of health conscious people and as a result, there are so many businesses and activities set up with your health in mind. If anything, you may not know where to start! The city can offer you a range of options, from those that cost little to nothing to full on luxury spa experiences. 

Fitness is a big thing, and there are diverse exercise classes from spinning with a twist to every kind of yoga imaginable. Healthy food is so easy to find, and classy establishments do it to perfection. Plant-based diets are more than merely catered for in Melbourne – they are a big part of the cuisine scene here now. You can even find hotels with the sole focus of health and wellness. In other words, full immersion into healthy living is absolutely possible during your trip.

This guide will give you a good idea as to how to start your health kick in this huge city!

Melbourne CBD Cityscape and Yarra River


The Westin
Budget permitting, The Westin will pull out all the stops to give you an exceptional, healthful experience. Their fitness studio has a full program of classes, sessions and personal trainers, so you need not even leave the hotel doors… although that would be a shame!

You’re bound to want to make the most of their quality pool, sauna and steam room after a good work out, and the restaurant and room service menus are packed full of healthy superfoods. It probably goes without saying that the rooms are luxurious and the beds so comfortable that your health kick might start a little late!

The Larwill Studios
What if I told you that The Larwill Studios was rated Melbourne’s number one hotel? TripAdvisor tells it like it is, and it’s safe to say that The Larwill Studios won’t let you down. Their highest priority is your health, wellness and comfort, so naturally there is a top quality onsite gym with classes free to hotel guests. Wellness treatments on the menu include acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine… and many more.

In your room you can expect to find everything made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. You’ll also find an eco-friendly yoga mat and TV channel dedicated to yoga; they haven’t stopped there though – you’ll also have art supplies, meditation guides and a mini bar full of local organic goods. Perfect.


Serotonin Dealer
There’s a clue in the name… this place aims to get you high (legally of course). Concept coffee and healthy dishes combine with a gym and various educational workshops to make Serotonin Dealer a highlight of your trip. Step inside for a delicious superfood bowl, a workout or a workshop – or all three. They’ve nailed it on the décor front too, so you’ll be more than happy to while away a few hours and leave feeling fully refreshed when you’re ready.

The Tofu Shop
During my most recent trip in Melbourne, I met a worldly traveler called Sam Ross who took me to this amazing place: The Tofu Shop. When I say amazing, I’m referring mainly to the food; what they haven’t bothered with in terms of décor, they’ve certainly made up for in their dishes. This is the place for innovative, healthy and fresh plates that are vegan and vegetarian friendly. They even make the tofu themselves, so pretty much everything starts here from scratch. You can mix your dishes up according to taste, so no dish ever need be the same. Oh, and a little tip for you: healthy brown rice is hidden under the counter, so ask for that if it appeals.

Green Press
No healthy trip would be complete without a green juice or two, so make sure you get over to Green Press at some point. Their extensive menu of cold pressed juices will keep you energized throughout the day, and if you fancy something a little more naughty, there are irresistible (yet healthy!) raw desserts on offer too.  


Community workouts
In Melbourne you will never run out of group activities, and plenty happen outside in the fresh air. There are social running clubs and public exercise areas where you can work out on the outdoor equipment with others, or do a bit of park yoga or Tai Chi and swim at the beach! Get in touch with The Melbourne Healthy Lifestyle group if this sounds good.

These guys run exercises classes all over Melbourne and the best thing about it is that they don’t cost a cent. They’re very popular and fill up fast, so it’s smart to register for your class well in advance if you can. After the class you can join the organizers for a $5 recovery smoothie, so this a great option for travelers looking to make friends.

St Kilda Foreshore
Nobody needs an excuse to hang out in St Kilda Foreshore, but exercise would be a good one! The Foreshore is a firm favourite of health and fitness enthusiasts, as you’ll be able to tell by the number of joggers, swimmers and yogis present. It doesn’t get great waves so surfing isn’t such a big thing, but there are watersports and the beaches are great for some much needed ‘me time’. Next door you’ve got the option of lounging by the pool at St. Kilda Sea Baths, overlooking the beach but in a more tranquil environment, and with spa options to tempt you too.

Alternative therapies
Feeling indulgent? Everybody needs a good massage now and then… they’re good for the body, mind and soul. Komyuniti studio space and clinic won’t fail to give you a wonderful massage, but that’s not all on their menu, which includes Chinese medicine, acupuncture and many more therapies aimed at your health and wellness. Everything about this place is eco-friendly and sustainable, so they walk the talk in every sense of the word. Enjoy.

Yoga with a difference
We all know what’s great about yoga, but what about yoga with some added benefits? If you haven’t tried sound vibration therapy of any kind yet, now is your chance. Gongs and Tibetan singing bowls have quite the effect on us, but when combined with yoga, it’s another level entirely.

At Universal Practice you get to practice a mindful yoga session in combination with a yin sound bath meditation and elements of Chinese medicine, which is quite the experience. Classes are limited to 12 people, as they like to keep things personal… so book early.

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