Saturday Brunch at Sandbox

Brunch is probably my favourite weekend meal. Breakfast is too early and I’m definitely not a night owl anymore so that rules out dinner out on the town. Plus, living in beautiful Port Macquarie we are surrounded by stunning natural scenery and it’s best enjoyed in the daylight. One of our favourite cafes is Sandbox on Flynn’s Beach (which is a actually located underneath our wedding venue). Sandbox has only been open for just over a year but the service and food are always top notch and they easily have some of the best views in Port. So it was an easy decision where to have brunch this sunny Saturday morning!

Dan has been working away since we came back from Europe and only home on weekends so we have been trying to make the most of them! I’ve eaten at Sandbox three or four times since they opened and have always found the staff to be friendly, the coffee hot and food fresh and delicious. It’s also located right on Flynn’s Beach so has uninterrupted views of one of our favourite beaches in the area.

Dan always goes for coffee when we are out but I prefer a kombucha or fresh juice. Sandbox have their own kombucha on tap and I applaud their use of paper straws! I always try to avoid plastic straws and cringe when I’m served a drink with one.

We ordered the mushroom sourdough toast served with house made mushroom paste, roquette, shaved grana padano and poached eggs topped with truffle oil. Dan loved the mushroom paste so much that I had to beg for a taste!

I chose the bruschetta which was sourdough toast topped with whipped feta, roquette, basil, citrus, cherry tomatoes and basil topped with perfectly poached eggs. Just like Dan’s dish, it was a generous portion and was mouth wateringly delicious!

The menu is also really reasonably priced, especially for the location with our meals and drinks only coming to just over $40. We definitely recommend Sandbox to locals and visitors to our beautiful town!

What is your favourite meal of the day? x

Sandbox Port Macquarie
Tuppenny Road (Flynn’s Beach)
Port Macquarie