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Spider-Man on Broadway in New York City

Spider-Man on Broadway is a 2011 musical based on the Spider-Man comics, published by Marvel Comics. It also features references to the 2002 film and the Greek mythological character, Arachne. U2’s Bono and The Edge provide the engaging and fantastically entertaining music for the production.

poster for the show Spiderman on Broadway

Spider-Man is an entertaining, awe-inspiring production that ranges from the traditional musical songs, amazing acrobatics that see Spider-Man flying through the air above you and amazing set designs that are constantly changing and enhance the production.  The highly technical stunts that see the actors flying and swinging through the air from “webs” will leave your jaw open and guarantee every person in the crowd is thoroughly captivated.

spider man flying over the crowd
lady in spider costume suspended in the air by spider web

Due to the show’s technicality it has quite the reputation of technical difficulties, however we were lucky enough to enjoy our time at Spider-Man with no difficulties or issues with the show going off without a hitch. This Broadway show has something for everyone, and even if you are not a fan of comics or of musicals, I guarantee you that you will not leave here disappointed.

loads of spider men in different mid air poses

Spider-Man holds the record for the most expensive Broadway production in history and this is not surprising when you take the time to experience the highly technical and entertaining show for yourself.  The effects, stunts, music, acting and sets keep you engrossed throughout the entire show and leave you wanting more when the final curtain falls.

the bad guy in spiderman
person in green lizard suit
classic spiderman pose on stage

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Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas. The name says it all. Vegas is a crazy place where anything goes. For my first adventure in Vegas I stayed at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, centrally located opposite Caesar’s palace on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard Strip.

pool in front of flamingo hotel in las vegas

The FAB Deluxe Double Queen room was spacious, clean and modern thanks to its recent renovations. The great location of this Hotel is a major selling point, and there are endless meal and gambling options both within the casino or only a short walk outside. The views of the strip from our room were breathtaking and we also witnessed countless infamous Vegas weddings taking place below in the Casino’s garden chapels.

me in front of the flamingo sign

My favourite part of the hotel is their beautiful outdoor areas that include a tropical Wildlife habitat that is the home of their famous flamingos.

me with the flamingos

flamingos at the flamingo hotel and casino

flamingos in las vegas

There is also a 15-acre Caribbean style water paradise with a pool to suit everyone!

busy pool in sunny las vegas

the pool at flamingo hotel

looking up into the sun umbrella

me and Nina selfie by the pool

palm trees with blue sky in the background

During my stay the casino was mid renovation and there were many construction sites outside the casino which made parking and drop off areas quite confusing at times. The casino itself is also quite smoky in comparison to other casinos we visited during our stay in Vegas, but as a old hotel this is not surprising. However the hotel is reasonably priced and for its great mid-strip location I would recommend staying them as an option for your next visit to Vegas.

Enjoy visiting the flamingoes at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino! Visit for more info!

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Cocktail Sunset Sailing Cruise – New York

New York City was as exciting, glamorous and absolutely fabulous as I’d always hoped! We jumped at the opportunity to take a luxury sunset cocktail cruise on a beautiful schooner yacht that cruised along the Hudson taking in all that the New York City skyline had to offer. It was simply perfect as we sailed along with cocktails in hand watching the sunset.

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The Beast Speedboat: New York City’s only Jet-Powered Speedboat

The Beast is New York’s only jet-powered speedboat! It is operated by Circle Line Sightseeing on 42nd St and departs from pier 83. The Beast is a thrill seeking, adrenaline pumping ride that sees you tearing down the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty. It is a fun and exciting way to experience all New York has to offer from the water, taking in the beautiful New York City skyline from all angles, speeds with even a couple of spins and 360’s thrown into the mix.

The beast in front of the statue of liberty

The Captain and his mate aka your your tour guide provide you with an engaging, fun, adrenaline filled and exciting way to experience New York, the Hudson River and Statue of Liberty. The 30 minute ride is packed with a mixture of loud, pumping music to help get the adrenaline flowing with your guide also taking the time to point out important places amongst the NYC skyline and interesting facts about this beautiful, exciting city!

the beast speed boat on the river

A ride on the Beast is a must do in New York, as they also provide you with a perfect opportunity to get that special, must-have photo of the Statue of Liberty with the boat stopping to allow you this photo opportunity once you reach the iconic monument. The staff were friendly, engaging and super helpful ensuring everyone had a great time and even assisted with photo taking.

us all on the speed boat

Selfie of us on the Hudson river

Enjoy, and be prepared to get wet!

Selfie of us on the beat n New York

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Adventures in the German themed village of Helen, Georgia

Whilst working over the summer at Camp Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia, I had the opportunity to visit the charming town of Helen, Georgia on two separate occasions. Helen is a gorgeous town that is situated on the Chattahoochee River in Northeastern Georgia. When visiting Helen you will be surprised to find out you are still in fact in Georgia and haven’t been miraculously transported to Bavaria, Germany. This is due to the fact that over 50 years ago Helen was transformed from a dying lumbar village into a German themed village and is now one of the most popular and visited towns in Georgia for locals and tourists alike.

German themed town Helen in Georgia

Helen’s transformation from a dying lumbar village into it the current day German themed town, have ensured Helen’s popularity as one of Georgia’s most visited and enjoyed towns. Helen has over 200 speciality and import shops and both the facades and interiors of most buildings and restaurants truly make you feel as if you are in Germany, with even German themed street names. Helen is renown for its outdoor and adventure activities.

Summer Campers in Helen GeorgiaMemorial in Helen GeorgiaGerman themed building in Helen GeorgiaSign in Helen GeorgiaGirl with Australian sign in Helen GeorgiaKissing puppy in Helen Georgia

We took 100-odd teen campers tubing with the Cool River Tubing company along Helen’s own natural lazy river. Tubing down the Chattahoochee River is fun, exciting and allows you to tube down on your own or tie yourself to friends or family by linking your tubes together. I would recommend bringing or hiring a stick as you sometimes can get stuck on rocks or on the edge of River depending on the height of the river at the time. Definently a fun, adventurous and safe day out for all ages! Helen also boasts beautiful waterfalls nearby, hiking trails in the scenic Blue Ridge mountains and countless waterways to explore.

Summer campers in Helen GeorgiaGirl tubing in Helen GeorgiaTubing down river in Helen GeorgiaRiver tubing in GeorgiaTubing down rapids in Helen GeorgiaTubing down river Helen GeorgiaCamp Counsellors tubing in Helen GeorgiaGirl tubing with dog in Helen GeorgiaTubing in Helen GeorgiaGirl tubing in Helen Georgia

The small unique town celebrated its 100th anniversary last year and I would definently recommend a stopover here in your travels through Georgia and America’s south.

Sign in Helen Georgia

Helen also hosts a wide range of events and festivals such as Oktoberfest, a Trout Tournament and Hot Air Balloon Festival. Visit the official website for more info and dates of events and activities in the area!

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Hang Gliding over Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is quickly becoming one of the worlds hottest destinations and with the 2014 Football World Cup and 2016 Olympics approaching fast its popularity is about to explode! I’m so glad we visited before it got too busy! Rio has so many amazing natural and man-made attractions and sights with beautiful beaches, mountain peaks and rainforests! What better way to take in all of the beauty of Rio than from the air? Hang-gliding in Rio was one of the highlights of my South American adventure and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Rio!

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Summer Camp Diaries: Arriving at Camp Blue Ridge

After a fun few weeks travelling through Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, it was time for Nina and I to go our separate ways and head off to our respective summer camps. We were literally going to opposite sides of America, the furthest we’d been apart since we became best friends in our first year of university. She was going to Oregon and I was bound for Camp Blue Ridge in northern Georgia! I was excited to be spending my summer among the mountains and on the lakefront as a lifeguard, as well as a cabin counsellor for the 13 year old girls cabin!

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